trader joes cinnamon school house cookies

A 44-year old woman should not be having this much fun with cookies



greetings from cape cod

Well… This is all really happening. In fact we are smack dab in the middle of it ! Our home in Plymouth is no longer ours. The new owners are very nice. They came over the day before we closed and met Ali and I.

They have 2 kids .. A boy and a girl.. Both very close to how old Ryan and Ali were back when we moved in.

Both kids go to sacred heart, the same school that Ali just graduated from!

The little girl who is now living in Ali’s room told her mom that she wanted to set the room up as a classroom for her American girl dolls.. Which was Exactly what Ali did way back when!!

Our stuff is on a big truck and was packed by 2 awesome guys, Vance and James . The relo company also sent me a helper, Karen , who was a godsend. It was like having 2 of me. Simply awesome!

I actually have talked to her about getting a job like that for myself. She flies around the country and assists in relocation moves. Making sure all goes smoothly. She was going to talk to her boss about me 🙂

Our stuff has arrived in Denver and is being held in storage until we get there next week.

The boys have had the couch delivered so at least they have something other than the folding chairs to sit on ( I had a whole post about the chairs and the reason bend that bottle of wine and lost it 😦 I may retype in the next day or two.. I love that story)


See miss Fenway laying there so comfy wondering where her deadbeat mom is

Ali found this….


How adorable!!

We were looking for a place to stay so that we could be here for lexies graduation ( tomorrow) and friends of ours offered us their summer cottage on the cape.

It’s funny.. I’ve lived on the cape for much of my adult life but its so different being here but not living here. We are so grateful for this. We would have hated to miss Alexis’ graduation.

I’ve never really been a beach girl .. I like it and all.. But really just for short bits of time.

I’ve tried a few watersports .. Once Scott and hid dad took me waterskiing.

It took me forever to get up and ski.
Which I did for maybe a minute?

Then I fell… But here’s the thing… No one ever told me to let go of the ropes . I was dragged for about 5 minutes ( felt like 20) with my face being pounded against the water.

Funny now.. But back then it wasn’t

This is what I’ve spent my time doing here


I’m addicted to my little hexagons… They have to be sewn by hand, which I find very therapeutic 😉

Let me know if you want a tutorial.. They are very easy and you don’t really need to know how to sew to get started.

I just love the 1930 s reproduction fabric


East coast friends… Ill be back in 2 weeks for alis pc orientation. Let me know if you’d like to get together. I’m free 27th- 30th. Just let me know 🙂

Ok.. Time to stretch and get more tea …



Long lost poems


service.. with a smile?

It has come to my attention that I have actually been missed.

This makes me happy to feel so loved 🙂  Life is a bit of a whirlwind right now and support, wherever I can get it, is greatly appreciated.

I want to point out that I’ve been doing a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff here at barefootgirl….   I’m liking the way the blog is looking, but the ‘inside the computer confusing internet stuff’ has me more than confuzzled.

let me try to explain. Picture that you are at a food truck and have a sandwich.. a really GREAT looking sandwich. But it really doesn’t taste good.  I mean, you want it to taste good, but really, it looks much better than the taste.

kind of a let down… ya think?

But over at the next food truck… the sandwich doesn’t LOOK quite as nice… I mean, it looks pretty good, but not mouth watering to look at.  But when you taste it.. OH MY GOD when you taste it… it is out of this world!

But there is more! You can add all sorts of toppings to it… side dishes.. pickles… chips… salads… dessert.. the possibilities are endless! 

It takes someone to take the chance and try it to see that it is that good.

Have I lost you? so sorry…

Back in high school, one of my best friends and I used to sometimes treat ourselves to one of the deliscious lookig brownies covered with frosting.  They looked yummy.

and it was a great experience.

Until 30 minutes later, when your stomach realized what you had put in there and immediately hated you and let you know just how horrid it actually was.  We used to say the brownie had ‘ landed’… we nicknamed them ‘ landing squares’…. because once they hit your stomach.. it was all over.

where the heck was I going with this?? oh . yeah.

I like the blog the way that it is…. but there is so much more that I want to be able to do with it. This is more than just a blog to me…  this is me  sharing.. and extension of myself.. my life.

and my life is getting crazier by the day and I want to share so much… I am always learning and love to share things with  you.. my friends 😉

So even though I have not been posting, I have been setting up my food truck.. and although a nice looking truck with ok food is the norm… I’m not normal.  at. all.

I’m working really hard on an Ok looking truck with tons of sides and knock your socks off flavor:)

maybe I should just stick to soup instead?

fun posts coming soon… I promise.. I have tons of pictures and recipes for you.. and one really fun home made giveaway….  If I can just get the engine in my truck all souped up…

oxoxooxox  thanks for standing by me 🙂


where we were


A day that will we will never forget.

Victims that we will never forget

Heros that we will never forget

Terrorists that we would like to forget

Family who will forever be in our hearts…

It was a day that we held the ones around us just a little bit tighter.. because we could.

this was a day that everyone remembers where they were.. what they were doing and who they were with.

here’s my story…

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The kids had recently gone back to school. I was a cosmetologist with some wonderful clients and I would often go out of my way to accomodate their schedules.

Back in the the the Beauty industry really didn’t work on Monday. They just didn’t.

One of my favorite clients ( they all were, really ) was Mrs. M. That’s what everyone called her.. never by her last name. She was from new Jersey and had a summer home in Chatham, on cape cod.  She was a fabulous cook and we got along perfectly despite that fact that she could have been my grandmother.

(on another note.. she was a hot spook…. she helped set my kitchen up with everything form an ice cream maker to food processor because she was mad at her husband.. I’ll share that story another time )

So I had met her at the salon for a 9 am appt. It was just the two of us.  I didn’t bother to turn on the radio because she didn’t like music… and we would be doing what we always do.. I would be doing her nails & we would be talking food.

Which we did.  For over an hour.

We left the salon together around 10:20 am.

I went to the grocery store, and remember thinking how happy I was.. It was fall, my favorite time of year, I had a great job, happy kids who were busy in a cute school house being educated and I had a beautiful kitchen to cook in and the afternoon to do just that. I left the salon and went to the grocery store.

And stood at the deli and ordered turkey breast.

A man was standing next to me & I turned to him and said ‘” isn’t this nice to not have to wait in line now that the tourists are gone? I’ve missed turkey.”

( if you live on the cape or visit the cape you know that the in the summer the stores are CRAZY to navigate  and the deli line is simply ridiculous.. Everyone wants to buy deli meat to make sandwiches for the beach.. it’s common to wait in line for up to 45 minutes… or just go a summer without deli meat, like I had )

He looked at me blankly and said ‘ ” how can you say that after what just happened… all those poor people”

Now I was really confused because I still had not known.

He said, ” the world trade center was attacked.. planes flew into.. many people died”

The blood went from my face and I left the store, leaving my cart behind.

You see, Scott worked in Boston. a few blocks from the world Trade Center and his company actually had meetings there often.

I quickly drove home ( I lived close) and saw the answering machine blinking.

First message was from my mom ‘ “is Scott ok?”

Second message was from my mother -in -law ” have you heard from Scott?”

Third message… the kids’ school ‘” due the the tragedies of today we are releasing the kids to be dismissed”

I tired calling Scott’s office and did not get an answer.

57 times.

This was before cell phones so I only had the one number.

Sick to my stomach and worried how I was going to raise my kids on my own I sat on the couch and finally turned on the Tv.

It was only then that I realized that it was the World Trade Center in  NYC, not in Boston.

I felt relief, then sadness.. I could not believe what I was seeing.

All of those people, all of those families..

I never did hear from Scott. And I kept worrying about that because at that point, America didn’t know what was next .. it was surreal.

He arrived home almost 3 hours later. HIs company sent everyone home as a safety precaution.. and he never thought to call me to let me know.

he was home safe, but I still kept thinking about all of those people who weren’t so lucky… all of those familes.. lives changed in an instant.

I hugged my kids so tight that day.

A new new generation of Military was born that day… Kids in middle school who quickly learned that they loved their  country and that they would fight to defend it… Years later, I’m proud to say that both my son & nephew were two of those kids.

We all know that sadness and empathy that  came in the days to come. I know this anniversary affects some more than others, so if my thoughts and prayers go out to you if you or your family were directly involved.

I’m off to play with some watermelon, but I felt like I needed to acknowledge this day and share my story…..

what’s your story?

I’ll be back later on


born to run


well….. not really… but born to TRY 🙂

T-minus 7 days until my first race. I purposely chose a RACE that was a run/ jog/ walk. I expect that I will be doing 50/50 jog/ walk. My personal goal is to finish within 45 minutes, but if I don’t achieve that, I’ll still be proud.

And be fore warned… not matter how sweaty & red I am once I finish… I will post pics.. because I will be SO proud of myself 🙂

while I’m working on running to me walking for a cure ‘my thing’  This year once cross the finish line of the 2 day- 40 mile Avon walk for breast cancer I will have walked over 360 miles for breast cancer research ( not including the months of training ) and together with my team raised.. are you ready for this..almost $30,000!!  That’s an awful lot of cookie.. and brownies… and spaghetti dinners 😉

In the years passed, we have walked just because we could.. because we wanted to be able to make a difference. I have prayed that my family never had to hear the words, ” you have breast cancer”

This year we will be walking for a personal reason, My stepsister was diagnosed early last month. I won’t go into details, as it is not my place to, But walking for a cure just took on a whole other meaning for us.

I’m also walking for a friend of a friend with 4 small children who also is battling breast cancer.

prayers for all involved would be super cool 😉

In a few weeks, my team and I are doing a smaller walk in Boston to kick off our 2013 training.

This year we are able to have other family members who otherwise could not walk the 40 miles to make a difference ( but are always on the sidelines cheering us one when the going gets tough)

There is a choice of walking 1.5 miles of 6… either one that you chose, you’ll be part of an amazing experience! We are excited to have the extra company and if you are free to join us, please do!

Our team name is Team  Pinkteenies.  Come join us!!

I have been working very hard ove the last few days trying to format my blog & have it come across as who I truly am. ( mind you, I have almost zero technical skills) but I slowly am getting there.  As a result, I have not spent a lot of time in the kitchen ( ironically)  but trust me.. I did work on a few watermelon recipes early this morning and once I have a finished product. I’ll be sharing.

You may want to go out and buy a watermelon in advance.. trust me 🙂

Lastly, before I head out for my little training run ( which admittedly, I’m trying to avoid) I want to shout out to my good friend. Celia, over at River Cat Chili, who is a whizz at this stuff and actually spent time on the phone with me yesterday during a chili competition to walk me through some things that I just could not figure out.. Smooch!  you are the best… ( and she has the puuuritest little voice too 😉 )

Ok.. lacing up my kicks and loading the tunes..  ( and it’s drizzling out…. WHO am I ?? )


just because I can

I changed my mind after I wrote that last post. I had decided that even though I really wanted to repeat the cleanse that I had done last June, the fact that it is January and veggies aren’t so abundant, was reason enough to change my mind.


Then this past weekend as part of my teacher training , I attended another all-day workshop on yoga as detoxification & how to safely participate in a cleanse… except this cleanse is specifically designed to be done in the winter.

Bingo! My mind changed again.

Just because I can 🙂

I have decided to do this again, yet I will not be blogging about it here..

Many people have asked me details about how I went about the first cleanse and things that I have taken from it.

I will start a separate page where I will be going into great detail.


If you would like to follow that page,  let me know &  will add you to the list. I’ve learned alot in both workshops and I look forward to sharing with you!


oh.. and on the note of things happen for a reason?  Today is exactly 6 months since I did the first one 🙂



don’t bug me.

Just kidding!

I was going to title this ‘shoe fly, don’t bother me’ but since today is not only a Tuesday, but the Tuesday after a 3 -day weekend AND the official end of summer.. added to the fact that it is cold & rainy here in the northeast & some many peeps had rainy first day of school pictures of kiddos getting on school buses…..

well, I thought that don’t bug me might fit some friends’ moods today.

me? not so much.. I love rain & ADORE fall.. so I’m not so grumpy, but I know I have friends who are. Sorry 😦

Ok.. this post doesn’t have a recipe.. so if you are looking for a dinner suggestion, tonight I can’t help you. Unless you want to make THIS

I CAN however show you how to get rid of the nasty little fruit fly.

Yup. You heard me. today I have an extermination  lesson for you all.

You know, in a barefootgirl, friendly , humane sort of way 🙂

And in advance, kudos goes out to my daughter-in-law Amanda who showed ME what to do when the little buggers were bothering her last month while she was here for a visit.


( and proof that you are never to old to learn )

❤  Amanda Sue  <3.. I’ve tried for YEARS to get rid of these things. And she got them on her first try. Brilliant!

Start by taking a piece of fruit or vegetable.. Something that you would add to your compost pile.. in my little lesson today, I’ve used half a lemon. But since I switch it out daily I’ve also had tomato pieces, cucumber ends and most recently, pineapple skins.

Anyhoo…. place yer veggie in a small bowl.  

Cover with a piece of plastic wrap then place a rubber band around the rim to hold it in place .

using a paring knife poke little holes in wrap.

Then place it in the area where the flies are hanging out. They find their way into those little holes in the top, but can’t get out! I collect usually at least a dozen.

Then just wait!  Once a day, I take this outside and release them, then make another..

:note: make sure you go outside to release. The first time I went to empty into the trash and basically just set them free back to my veggies.

So there you have it. So bub-bye fruit fly! you won;t be bothering me anymore 😉


p.s.   no flies were hurt throughout this experiment 😉

aaaachctober!!!!! *bring on the boots!!*

YAY! It’s finally here!! My very favorite month… of the whole entire year. (December is a close second) 😉

and it’s Friday, which means pizza night at Casa Hagg.  I happened to come across some fresh figs *hops* and just knew that they were pizza-bound.

I started with my pizza dough.. sometimes I buy it already made and sometimes I make it myself.  There is no rhyme or reason as to which one I choose.

The spirit moved me to make it , so that is exactly what I did

I’ve made it both in my food processor & in my kitchenaide mixer. My food processor was in the dishwasher, so the mixer won!!

While the dough was rising, I by caramelized some onions..

I melted some butter ( the REAL thing) over low heat, then add the onions & stir to coat. Add a  sprinkling of Kosher salt & let them slowly cook ..

everyone getting ready for the party

I love these little medallions of goat cheese from Trader Joe’s … Each one is just enough for a pizza topping or a salad, with nothing extra  to have to eat.

Did I say eat? I meant wrap.. Yeah, THAT’s it.


**I also got a whole bag of these medallions for FREE!!  The UPC code was on the twist tie that close the bag with all of the rounds of cheese was missing. I ran back to get a new bag for the cashier & she rang it in & put both in my bag, telling me that they can’t sell it that way.. so SCORE for me:)**

♥♥♥ free cheese♥♥♥

where were we?  oh,….

After rolling out the dough, I drizzled a little EVOO on the dough & topped with some mozzarella, the goat cheese,; crumbled, the figs; sliced  & the caramelized onions.

I cooked it on my pizza stone in a 500 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes

When the pizza came out of the oven, I topped with some toasted walnuts, fresh sage & a light stream of farm fresh honey

we had a side salad with all of the same toppings over arugula. Overkill? perhaps.. but Neither Scott nor I complained..

I always say that you can’t have too much of a good thing 😉

on another note

The East coast deluge finally hit us this afternoon. The girls in these house are all smiles….

why you ask??

Because we finally both got Rain boots!!

mine !!

umm… full disclosure.. I have a wicked boot obsession 😉

So. So. Cute.

and Ali’s just as cute!! VERY her 🙂

I love that she is just as dorky / nutty as me when it comes to this stuff.  When I said, “Ali, I want a picture of your boots” she said, “ok.. let’s go find a puddle to jump in!!”

her mama raised her right!!


what I love about fall

a~ apples, acorn squash

b~ Bruce Springsteen’s birthday, BOOTS!

c~ Cecelia’s birthday , cider , candles

d~ DMB concerts

e~ early sunsets

f~ falling leaves; fireplaces, festivals, football!

g~gobbling turkeys

h~ harvest time!! hayrides

i~ ice hockey ( Go B’s!!)


k~ kale!!!

l~leaves changing colors

m~ mazes. corn mazes to be exact 🙂

n~ nuts


p~ pep rallies before games (I’m talking pre-Nauset.. going back to the Fermi days 😉 ). and pumpkin beer

q~ quilts!!!!

r~ rustling leaves crunching beneath my feet

s~ sista’s birthday, soups & stews  SOCKS!!! ( I have a thick comfy sock addiction)


u~ Uggs ( my pink fluff mommas 😉 )

v~ vino! (anytime of year;) )

w~ walks in the woods

x~ I got nutin’


z~ zzzzzz  naps 😉

I found my new favorite breakfast this morning.  I made overnight oats, then added some apple butter , chia seeds & topped with chopped walnuts.

and just for fun…

the tiniest drizzle of Vermont Maple syrup

what are your favorite things about fall? What did I miss??

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