just because I can

I changed my mind after I wrote that last post. I had decided that even though I really wanted to repeat the cleanse that I had done last June, the fact that it is January and veggies aren’t so abundant, was reason enough to change my mind.


Then this past weekend as part of my teacher training , I attended another all-day workshop on yoga as detoxification & how to safely participate in a cleanse… except this cleanse is specifically designed to be done in the winter.

Bingo! My mind changed again.

Just because I can 🙂

I have decided to do this again, yet I will not be blogging about it here..

Many people have asked me details about how I went about the first cleanse and things that I have taken from it.

I will start a separate page where I will be going into great detail.


If you would like to follow that page,  let me know &  will add you to the list. I’ve learned alot in both workshops and I look forward to sharing with you!


oh.. and on the note of things happen for a reason?  Today is exactly 6 months since I did the first one 🙂




  1. id like to follow


  2. Amanda Sue says:

    i really want to do a cleanse also.. i think i neeeeeeed it!


  3. nicole monahan says:

    add me add me i want to follow…i would follow you anywhere…..:)



  1. […] have a light obsession with tea. I drink it constantly. My favorite ( at least for today, because I like to change my mind ) are one for Teavana, called ‘weight to go’ & one from Yogi,  ’Healthy […]


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