frozen puppy treats and birthday cupcakes ( for the pups) 

my sweet pup, Fenway had a birthday a few weeks ago.  She’s 11!  ( or 77 in people years 😁)


This is a pic of her first day home.  Gosh that seems like it was so long ago! 

It set put to get her birthday treats and decided to make my own version of ‘frosty paws’

It was quick, easy, inexpensive .. And she loves  them! 


Homemade frosty treats 

2 cups non fat plain yogurt

1 cup smooth peanut butter  ( you could also sub pumpkin if your dog can’t eat peanut butter ) 

1 banana

2 tablespoons honey 

Dog treats that will fit in the containers you choose. 

Small glad ware type of containers with tops 

Start by mixing yogurt, peanut butter, banana and honey 


Place a dog treat in the bottom of each container ( I chose scoobie treats in honor of my successful kombucha brewing and my homemade scobie that is so awesome already that I can share it with friends ) 


Pour peanut butter mixture over dog treats and top with another, pop the lid on and freeze


See! Easy peasy!   And other than the initial investment of the plastic cups ( which I will reuse to make future batches). This whole batch cost under 5 buckaroos to make !


The birthday girl was very happy 🎉🐾🎉🐾

I also made her carrot cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. 

And a small bone from the butcher.. After all, you only turn 11 once! 

puppy love

Ya’ll know how much I love my pup, Miss Fenway


isn’t she sooo sweet??


This past August she became very sick and we feared the worst.  She has a great group of vets who helped us figure out what was wrong with her and nurse her back to health.  During this time, one of Ali’s good friends ( and one of my honorary daughters’) who is amazing with animals and (*ahem, Sara…*  )SHOULD become a vet turned us on to Frosty Paws.. the frozen dog treats that are a pups’ version of a hoodsie cup.

We were basically spoiling her rotten while we were figuring out what was wrong with her.


Let me tell you .. she LOVES frosty paws. But they are kind of pricey.  about 5 bucks for a box of 4…  and when you read the ingredients in them.. I can’t even pronounce half of them.


So I got to thinking….. “self,” I said, ” we should try to make these”.


so I headed off to the on the line new fangled computer thingy.. and guess what? I found a recipe!



it’s no accident that i chose Princess cups to make her treats in 🙂



I used vanilla, but if your dog is diabetic, use plain yogurt



*side note*.. this is only half of the mix.. I ran out of cups, so just refridgrated the rest of it unitl I get more cups tomorrow..

I was so nervous and excited to see if she wold like them….




one last thing… I think that I may have confused everyone with the raffle… using the raffle copter fancy thingy below helps everyone to make sure that their entroes are counted and randomly generates a winner, BUT you have to click on the green button and that is what enters you..


where it says +5.. do it… click that.  that way your name will be entered.  I will try to go back and add you name in for those who have not done this, but using this hleps me to make sure that everyone has a fair chance..




click on the link below to watch the video 🙂

Fenway trying her frosty treat

best laid plans….

So here I am in the mile high city. And last night I found myself with an opportunity to cook! Here’s the issue… Although I have a complete kitchen to work in, I had zero to work with… Not even salt and pepper .

I spent a lot of time thinking about something creative that I could make ,having to buy the least ingredients. I came up with a killer recipe ( at least in my opinion ;). I took pics and was all set to share it with y’all. Here’s the thing.. I took the pics with my SLR camera ,which I cannot upload until I am home. Bummer. I was so excited to share!!!

So I have decided to share some of the pics I’ve taken with my phone…… There is a bit of food, but nothing that I’ve made ( until I get home .. Le sigh)

























I can’t figure out how to name photos on a mobile device… Ugh.! Someday I’ll get this

It’s been a weird weekend. Some really good… Some really bad. And I don’t care how old you are.. When your kids hurt, you hurt. It’s very clear to me that that will never change. I am quite thankful for their health 🙂

See y’all from my kitchen soon…. Oxox



I made a home-made face mask with a recipe that I found on the internet

1 Tablespoon old fashioned oats, ground

1 Tablespoon Yogurt ( plain non-fat Greek yogurt)

a squirt of honey

I mixed it all up & slathered it on my face & let dry for a little over 10 minutes.




my skin feels AH MAZE ING!


so there ya go.. I not only can keep myself out of my kitchen, but now I’m concocting potions for my skin like I’m some kind of back woods woman.


I wish.


oh, and I strongly resisted the urge to lick the mask. I have the willpower of a snake. Clearly.



dinner tonight is Vegetarian Paella.




miss me??

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