what’s been going on in my world 

how is it mid march of 2017 already?  It’s just crazy.  
I haven’t been around much. The start of the year was quite tough for me.  Saving you all of the details, we had to put my beloved 13-year old, love of my life, Fenway down. 

It was truly one of the most heart breaking things that I’ve ever had to do. This girl was my world.  When everyone else left, she was there.  Day in, day out.. she loved her frisbee like crazy and loved to go for a ride in Zola with me. 
The void in my heart is real and raw.  I’m happy that she is in a better place and after months of watching her slowly decline, I’m finally at peace knowing that she is at peace.
That doesn’t mean that I’m not a hot mess, because that I most definatly am… but I’m slowly getting better 

During all of this, I’m mamanged to stay creative.  Sewing is very therapeutic for me.  Last year I finished a quilt called ‘City Sampler’ designed by Tula Pink.   I sandwiched it at the retreat last summer, then stared at it.  I was petrified to quilt it..  I made the descision to send it out to be professionally quilted.  Kathy Did the most beautiful job !

I am in love with how this quilt came out. It took me almost 2 years, and was worth every second that I put into it. 
I also worked on a wall hanging for my sewing room 

It took me a solid week to pick out my fabrics.  What was  great was that it was all scraps!    I decided to quilt this one myself. I practiced for days, then took a deep breath, and free formed it 

I honestly don’t think that I took a breath the entire time that I quilted this. 

I made a paper-pieced pillow 

 This was especially fun because it was all made from my stash! 

I’ve been working on some other things too, but I can’t share them because they are going to be gifts.
And lastly, I joined a weekly quilting challenge and have had fun using this fabric that I’ve been holding onto for awhile 

So that’s about it.. it’s been a rough start to the year, but there have been really good things that have happened as well.  That’s what they say, right?  It all about balance?

Be prepared to see a Lot of this baby in the upcoming months.  Once I put my mind to something….

Happy Sunday, friends..  coming out of the fog is very nice. 
Up next.. how to grow your own sprouts! 


puppy love.

I’m blessed to have 3 amazing pups.   Technically, one is my son’s pup  who both live with us, but I’ve trained her and so I consider myself at this moment to have 3 pups.
My eldest is 13.5 years old. And a boxer. On the heavy side of a boxer’s lifespan.  It’s killing me. She’s nicely medicated and her vet and I check her organs regularly just to make sure she’s handling the meds ok
Her tail wags all the time
She begs for treats
She’s eats and drinks
She BEGS for treats ( this stated again for emphasis)

She cries. A lot. It kills me. I honestly think it’s just because she wants a treat (because she jumps right up if I do ) but I also think she’s hiding her pain.   Only because I am an expert in this.

How do we do this?  She’s almost 14. With multiple issues.  I cannot imagine her pain. Why the fuck can’t our pets talk to us?

…’twas the night before Christmas 

Is not what my family reads on Christmas Eve..  grab a beverage, curl up in your favorite chair and indulge my inner storyteller as I share my story with you. The year was 1995. I was 25 years old, working full-time and had 3 young children.  My oldest,Jason was 7, Ryan was 3 and Ali was 1. As most you you […]

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….spicy tomato-ginger jam 

I forget where I first tasted tomato jam, but I can tell you that I instantly fell in love with it! I’ve been searching for a recipe for a few years, and the few times I attempted to make it, it did not come out well🙁 I’ve been doing a lot of research ove the […]

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roasted tomato dip 

It’s that time of year! There’s an abundance of produce locally grown just begging to be presrved for the long winter ahead. My Grandparents always grew tomatoes.. and to carry on their legacy, I grow them every year now look how tall they are!!! I’ve been making sauce with them, canning them, and having unlimited caprese […]

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lentil & white bean stuffed delicata squash 

oh my goodness… I don’t think I could fully express just how much I love fall!   Everything is just so beautiful.  We started our day at our local farmers’ market yesterday  Just look at that color!  I scored a great deal on tomatoes So that means it’s canning time! I love the process of […]

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one-pot creamy pasta

Happy Friday, friends.  The recipe I’m sharing today is not my own.  It was in Martha Stewart’s magazine a few years back.  It was one of those pull-out recipe cards.  I must admit, I didn’t think much of it when I saw the recipe, but a snowy afternoon with limited ingredients in the house led […]

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caramel-apple sangria

as I mentioned in my last post, my oldest son and  Daughter-in-law Amanda were in town for 3 weeks. ( click Here for more info on why such a long visit ) Last fall she was telling me about a sangria recipe that she stumbled upon somewhere that required caramel apple vodka.  My son drove all around […]

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family time~corn maze style

howdy friends!  My oldest son Jason and daughter in law, Amanda Sue been visiting us from Florida for the last 3 weeks.  (you can read more about why they are here for so long in her blog as I know it)  Yesterday we decided to go to a local corn maze..  We’ve done this in the Past, but it’s […]

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vacation recap

  hello, friends!   If you are friends with me on Facebook   Or Instagram  then you know that I’ve travelled more than normal this summer.  We recently went on a cruise that was planned rather last minute. Scott and Ali planned it and I honestly knew none of the details. Which was kind of cool!   […]

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