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IMG_4345hi. I’m michelle. Some of you know me, some of you do not. I’m a New England girl in my mid 40′s who moved to beautiful Denver, Colorado. I’ve never lived outside of New England, so this is all a brand new experience for me.

I’m a proud mom & wife. I have a passion for food, wine,yoga, fundraising for breast cancer,quilting, gardening…. come to think of it, there isn’t much that become involved with that I don’t give 120% of myself. Sometimes to a fault.

barefootgirl in the kitchen is much about my family, our love for all things food and random things in our lives.

I am an CRAZY  Avid Springsteen fan, and I absolutely love my boxer pup, Fenway. I’m a ‘retired’ cosmetologist, a culinary school drop out, ( by choice.. there were family issues that I needed to deal with & I just never went back ) my family means the world to me & I love my children more that life itself. I’ve been married to my husband, Scott for Almost 26 years

I have 3 grown children, all in school across the country and my eldest is also in the US Navy, married to a sweet girl I’m proud to call my daughter-law.

Most recently I have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training session!  I, but truly I have been headed on this path for some time.. Thanks for stopping by!  I will occasionally upload a post on the devil that is facebook, ( on my personal page)  but not always..

you can follow me on my  facebook page…  I will share all sorts of fun things over there and have a few ‘facebook only’ surprises! 

I also recently joined Twitter, but seriously, I have NO idea what I am doing…

I guess that means I’m a twit !


If you don’t want to miss a post then you can sign up using your email & you will get a message whenever there is a new post.

you can always email with a thought, idea, complaint, suggestion…. whatever… I like to get email 🙂… go ahead .. do it !!!!

My experiences have had me yearning to write, so here I am. I’ve had a crazy little life ( who hasn’t) and I’m starting to realize that everything that has happened along the way has happened for a reason, and I am who I am right now because of it.

exactly who I am supposed to be :)

Pleae say hi and tell me about yourself!



  1. Thanks for ithe invite, I will be reading your blogs more often when i can find the time to stay on one page.. Everything looks interesting….You are one busy lady and I admire you for that….Love, Mae


  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did :). I recently moved to Denver and love the connection’s I’ve seen you make in just the little reading I’ve already done! I’ll definitely be following! 🙂



  1. […] I had a very hard time naming this blog, so I sought the help from a friend,, her name is Michelle,, she is the big sister of a wonderful girl I went to school with, she has an amazingly witty and funny, sentimenal blog that will get you thinking , giggling and you will become inspired by her.. so PLEASE check her out… […]


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