ryan’s quilt

good morning, friends 🙂 

Today I’m sharing my latest finished quilt.  My entire family is very intense hockey fans.  Seriously…  We live and breathe it. 

My middle child, Ryan, asked me for a Colorado Avalanche themed quilt. I had purchased the fabric last summer. And like many of my projects, it sat in my sewing room.  Until last month. 

I thought it would be fun and extra-special if I actually  made it and surprised him by having it finished and waiting on his bed when he came home from college! 

I could have just used pre printed fabric to make it, but he’s 22 and I was not wanting a ‘kiddie’ looking quilt. 

Here’s what I came up with 



Avalanche colors! 

  Sneak panel of ‘official’ fabric on the back 


Not quite sure why these pics are so watercolor-y….  I’ll have to see if I can fix it.  

I’m always in such a better place when I’m creating 🙂 

Oh.. And in the Jerk seasoning giveaway

Congratulations Amy!  Your seasoning will be on its way! 


would you like to win a quilt?

would you?   I can help 😉   8 years ago, my sister and I  began to walk in the avon walk for breast cancer 40 miles.. 2 days   My girl was always there on the sidelines ….  best cheerleader  EVER! best cheerleader ever!A few years   Ali and I at the end of  40 mileslater, when Ali & my niece , Alexis were 16 ( minimum age to walk ) Our team doubled!   team pinkteenieshere we are at the end of day 1   Over the years we have raised ( as a team) over $36,000 in hopes to find a cure for this deadly disease! for the past few years I have made a quilt each year to raffle as my main fundraiser.


pink raffle quilt

my first raffle quilt



Breast Cancer Raffle quilt


and another….


raffle quilt

and another….


raffle quilt




and another…



raffle quilt





and this one wasn’t a raffle quilt, but a quilt for my little niece , Kalli


Kalli's quilt


for many reasons,we walked together last year for our last time.


This January, Ali called me and told me that she wanted to walk again this year. You see, we started walking all of those years ago because our neighbor, Fran sadly lost her battle with breast cancer.


Neither of us knew her very well, but that didn’t matter. It affected us both quite profoundly.

Last year my Stepsister, Audra was diagnosed as well.


Sadly, I could fill this page with names of friends and friends of friends who have been affected.


Ali said, ” mom, I need to walk this year. It’s too important, even if I have to walk alone.”

She signed up and within hours, her best friend , Colleen did as well, and a few weeks later, their friend, Amanda joined them as well.

Three high school best friends who , despite  the workload of being  freshmen in college, have decided to fundraise and walk 40 miles in 2 days


six chicks

in their ‘friend group’, 3 are walking, 3 are cheering


So I have offered to make a lap- sized ( the size that the above pictured quilts are )  or Crib sized quilt to be raffled off as a way to help them with their fundraising.

I will do it the way that i did last year, which is sell the tickets now, with 100% of the proceeds going directly toward their walk.

Using rafflecoptor I will choose a winner at random the Friday before the walk.


The winner will have their choice of colors and style/ design of quilt to be made… as well as a personalized label on the back of the quilt.


I will have it finished and shipped to the lucky winner by mid- summer !


Tickets are $5 a piece or $25 for 6 tickets.

any amount will help them.  Even if you just buy one ticket!


If you are interested in helping these young ladies, you can click on their link, donate directly into their account ( via credit card) then leave me a comment in the comment section below, On the girls’ team facebook page , barefootgirl in the kitchen‘s facebook page, or send me an email, barefootgirl27@me.com, just to make sure that I have you properly entered into the raffle.

( all donations are fully tax- deductible)


Alison’s page ( click link to bring you directly to her page)


Colleen’s page


Amanda’s page


I hope that you’ll consider purchasing a ticket and helping these motivated girls.  and if you do, you might just be lucky enough to win a custom quilt in time for chilly fall  evenings!


and if you happen to know of anyone who would be interested in this, please consider sharing … it doesn’t take but a second to share, and every dollar counts!




Breast Cancer Raffle quilt

breast cancer raffle quilt

it’s almost done, but I wanted to post a pic here since it is linked with my Breast Cancer page…

click here for details on raffle tickets to support my 39.3 mile walk in May
michelle’s Avon walk for Breast Cancer Boston 2010

mermaid quilt.

‘Mermaid Dreams’

mermaid dreams

A fun little Quilt that I made with Laurel Burch Fabric

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