ryan’s quilt

good morning, friends 🙂 

Today I’m sharing my latest finished quilt.  My entire family is very intense hockey fans.  Seriously…  We live and breathe it. 

My middle child, Ryan, asked me for a Colorado Avalanche themed quilt. I had purchased the fabric last summer. And like many of my projects, it sat in my sewing room.  Until last month. 

I thought it would be fun and extra-special if I actually  made it and surprised him by having it finished and waiting on his bed when he came home from college! 

I could have just used pre printed fabric to make it, but he’s 22 and I was not wanting a ‘kiddie’ looking quilt. 

Here’s what I came up with 



Avalanche colors! 

  Sneak panel of ‘official’ fabric on the back 


Not quite sure why these pics are so watercolor-y….  I’ll have to see if I can fix it.  

I’m always in such a better place when I’m creating 🙂 

Oh.. And in the Jerk seasoning giveaway

Congratulations Amy!  Your seasoning will be on its way! 


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