my race times

1~ Sunday, September 16,2012… 1st 5k..Cvs Caremark Downtown Providence  34:26

bib # 2029

2~ Sunday, September 23, 2012…   Liam’s Run.. Plymouth Police & Fire 5k 35:05

bib # 150

( I misunderstood when to actually to start running… last week we started once we reached the timing mat. This week there was no timing mat except for the at the end. The entire race started with the gunshot, and since I did not know this , I walked for about the 1st 2 tenths of a mile.. either way.. I am happy with my time 🙂


  1. […] official time was 35 :05.. although This explains why… I certainly could have been under 35.. I would guess same time frame as last weekend.. […]


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