weekend recap

here it is Sunday night already… how does that happen?

The girls enjoyed homecoming weekend… which was really nice considering it was their last one as students…. when they come back next year, they will be Alumni!! (I wonder if any of them have actually thought of this… I almost hope not. I hope that they are living in the moment and enjoying this ever important senior year of high school )

Remember in THIS POST how I mentioned that I ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in years? Well what I didn’t mention is that when we were catching up and I was telling her about my recent ‘finishing my first 5k victory'( I know you are all sick of it.. I’m sorry….) she had asked me when my next one was. I told her that I did not know.  We had run into each other at bayside runner a small local running store, Opened by a man with a passion for running and helping others run. They will expertly fit your feet with the perfect running shoes…. trust me… you need to go to a professional.. if you are local… Bayside is the best… Adam and his staff are committed to make sure you are in the right shoe.

opps… sidetracked again 😉

crap.. where was I… oh yeah… I had not seen my old neighbor in at least 10 years .. but in reality it was probably more. She is currently training for her first marathon 🙂

Both she & Heather, one of the employees at the store told me about a race in my hometown this weekend. A benefit for a very young boy who had unexpectedly had passed away… It was the Plymouth Police and Fire 5k.. Liam’s Run. I told them that I was pretty sure  I was busy with homecoming stuff, but that I would check it out.

And I did. And I realized that anything ( other than making waffles early Sunday ) that I needed to do homecoming-wise was not on Sunday, I signed myself up.


So this morning I arrived at the race wandering around looking for where to go, when I see my old friend, Joanne. She was walking toward me with a big smile…  she said’ ” there you are…. I looked to make sure that you signed up…your number is 150.. lets go get it… I’m so happy that you are here.”

A few minutes later we ran into Heather, who  recognized me and high-fived me for coming:)

<– felt a tad bit important and loved 😉  it turns out that runners are sooo nice!!

And boom.. just like that.. years of not being in touch.. I was next to one of my best friends again 🙂 Since she is training for a marathon.. she had already run 15 miles this morning. She did run the 5k.. and came in 2nd in her age group ( I believe she beat out those ‘youngens’ (as we called them) in the age group below her!

She ran the race 22 something ( I tried looking but could not find the official times online yet… I’ll update this post as soon as I do)  *edited… her time was 22 :57* 🙂

She was able to finish her race.. get herself a water and come back to the finish line to cheer me on!

My official time was 35 :05.. although This explains why… I certainly could have been under 35.. I would guess same time frame as last weekend.. And although I did almost throw up again *insert laughter here* trying to sprint to the finish line…. MY breathing throughout the race was much more even and controlled.

I’m getting this!!!

So here are a couple of pics…I’m so happy to have bumped into her and her share this experience with me 🙂  (doesn’t she look great? she will ROCK this marathon!)

so…… on another note..  I debated posting this pic…  I have put on weight.. and even though I posted THIS about my feeling on diets, Eating healthy is most important  and that, my friends, I have not been doing.

So tomorrow I am starting a mini 3-day cleanse. I have a friend who works for beach body and I purchased the basic kit from her. It’s only 3 days. I  can do this. And I know that I will feel better.  I’m traveling a lot in the weeks to come, and although I love wearing yoga pants & sweatshirts … it;s just not reality. I do squeeze myself into ‘normal clothes’ when I have places to be…. but it;s all kinds of ugly… and it kinda hurts. I’m not gunna lie.

If anyone is interested in the 3 day mini cleanse, shoot me an email and I will give you the info…

meanwhile, I’ll still be cooking for the girls…  I might write a tiny blurb about how I am doing/ feeling…. more if you guys want it.. .. but for now I’m off to enjoy family time.

ciao bellas!  cheers to old friends and paths taken…… all for a reason….


just because I can

I changed my mind after I wrote that last post. I had decided that even though I really wanted to repeat the cleanse that I had done last June, the fact that it is January and veggies aren’t so abundant, was reason enough to change my mind.


Then this past weekend as part of my teacher training , I attended another all-day workshop on yoga as detoxification & how to safely participate in a cleanse… except this cleanse is specifically designed to be done in the winter.

Bingo! My mind changed again.

Just because I can 🙂

I have decided to do this again, yet I will not be blogging about it here..

Many people have asked me details about how I went about the first cleanse and things that I have taken from it.

I will start a separate page where I will be going into great detail.


If you would like to follow that page,  let me know &  will add you to the list. I’ve learned alot in both workshops and I look forward to sharing with you!


oh.. and on the note of things happen for a reason?  Today is exactly 6 months since I did the first one 🙂



times.. they are a changin…

happy 2012. It’s hard to believe that it is a whole new year.

Some of you know ( not from the blog, but from knowing me elsewhere) that in June I attended an all day workshop on participating in a 21 plus day cleanse, where I slowly ( safely) eliminated food group from my diet * untiI was down to raw food only then slowly added certain foods back.

I began this on father’s day.  I remember this because my daughter left the next day for a 10- day missionary trip to the Appalachian mountains to work with under-privileiged  children with her then best friends.

I felt safe starting this when I did..  she would be gone, which really left me just feeding the boys during this time ( and quite frankly,the meat & potatoes that the were wanting didn’t appeal to me at all) so it was rather easy for me to do this without much temptation. Not to mention that I had a veggie garden that had wonderful, healthy greens that were always available.

I has set my mind that this was going to be a succes. Or at the very least, I would not have succeeded, but I would have at least tried.

It turned out to be the single best thing that I had ever done for myself. I learned SO much about my willpower. I felt great. I looked healthy , I shed pounds.

The end of 2011was a strange time in my life. Without getting into too many details, things in my life spiralled. Not in an ‘oh my life is over’ kind of thing, but a constant feeling of not being able to control what was going on around me. This feeling had taken it’s toll on me.  I felt as though mercury is in retrograde 24/7

I found some inner peace within yoga, something that has had an impact on my entire year. I began teacher training that will have me certified to be a yoga instructor as well as other certifications.  Through this training my eyes have been opened up to how all in this world is connected. Many many things have happened that have had me step back in awe. Things that I never would have noticed prior to my training.

I have learned so much this past year. About myself and the world around me.

I have kept this training a secret from some.  I realized in the middle of the night that the energy I have been putting into shielding people in my life from certain things not worth it.

I was just plain silly.

My ramblings may seem to be all over the board here, quite literally.  If you thing I’m all over the board here, you should see what is going on inside my head.

I have decided to begin the cleanse again. It feels like right time. The beginning of this new year has me filled with excitement and hope for a wonderful things to come.

It will most certainly be more difficult. Not only is it the dead of winter here in New England ( not the best for fresh produce) but I have to make dinner for 4 each night as well.

* in October we had a wonderful young lady from Hong Kong, Tian, come to live with us for the year*

It will be difficult to cook for them while I am trying to eliminate food in my own diet, but I feel that it is the right thing to do and so my mind has been made up.

What will I post here? a few different things. I will share some of what I will be eating .. but also what I am cooking *healthily* for the rest of my family.

One of the things that we have done is to get a cookbook with authentic Chinese recipes & occasionally making mini- feasts. I will share some of these.

so there you have it. In a very abreviated way, what has been going on in my world.

and for now..

thats’s all she wrote

* I do not like the word ‘diet’. The mere word to me sets one up for failure. When I use the word ‘diet’ it will always be in a term regarding  which foods we eat.. for example.. ” my diet consists of”

peace out 🙂

tofu newbie

Yup. that’s me!  A dear friend of mine encouraged me to try tofu a few months back.  I’ll be honest…  I was scared.

Really, it doesn’t look all that appetizing.  Then again, many foods dont prior to preparing right?


A few of you may know that I participated in a 21(plus) -day cleanse earlier this summer.  Without getting into too many details (other than it was the single best thing that I’d ever done for myself) the idea was that over a 3 week period of time, I eliminated foods from my diet until I was down to eating only raw foods, then I chose to also do the optional 7 day liquid/ juice part. After the 7 days I slowly added foods back in, giving my body 3 full days to adjust to each food.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because meat was the last thing that I added back in (only in extreme moderation and I’m seriously considering eliminating it permanently)

So I’ve been exploring other protein options. And Tofu just keeps popping up in so many recipes!

I’ve done quite a bit of reading about the different kinds and how to prepare it and I’ve found 2 excellent tutorials.. (forgive me for those friends of mine who follow these ladies’ blogs & have already seen these)

Emily\’s crispy tofu and  Mama Pea\’s broiled tofu

psst…….  Mama Pea just released a wonderful  COOKBOOK! last week.. I highly recommend it 😉

I just cooked up the crispy tofu to top my salad for lunch and it was a winner!

Once I sauteed it & put it on my salad I just drizzled it with a bit of balsamic vinegar & evoo.

Spot. On.

I see this appearing on  plate with many different flavor combinations in the future!

as for Mama’s broiled tofu recipe…..  that’s tomorrow night’s dinner already marinating 🙂

Onto other business.  This blog began when Scott & I decided to join a local organic CSA last year. Our farmers Dave and Sasha from Plato\’s Harvest Organic Farm were not able to run a CSA this summer.

No worries! we still visit them each Thursday at the Plymouth Farmer\’s Market. The veggies are just as delicious as they were last summer & I still look forward to getting my goodies and coming home to play with new ways to prepare and enjoy them!

My point is that I’m considering re-naming the blog.  I’m re-considering a lot these days….

anyone else realize how I ramble ?

If you haven’t tried tofu and want to…the crispy tofu is a great way to start…. I’m off to prepare dinner!


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