random kitchen tips

this is where I will share random tips that I come across.. sort of like Martha Stewart but maybe a bit more not normal. Please feel free to share any of your own ideas in the comments…

* use a ball jar to make scrambled eggs.. simply crack eggs into jar, salt & pepper ( and any spices that you’d like) cover the jar and shake… now they are ready to cook 🙂

* when making rice, make a double batch. Then freeze the second batch in a zip lock freezer bag… you can have an instant side dish on a moments notice

* tofu eating friends…  when marinating tofu, use a toothpick or kebab skewer to poke tiny holes in the tofu,, this allows the marinate to penetrate the tofu

* peel and cut bananas into slices.. freeze on a plate, then transfer to a zip lock freezer bag.. you will always have bananas for smoothies.. and need less ice 🙂


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