weekend recap

here it is Sunday night already… how does that happen?

The girls enjoyed homecoming weekend… which was really nice considering it was their last one as students…. when they come back next year, they will be Alumni!! (I wonder if any of them have actually thought of this… I almost hope not. I hope that they are living in the moment and enjoying this ever important senior year of high school )

Remember in THIS POST how I mentioned that I ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in years? Well what I didn’t mention is that when we were catching up and I was telling her about my recent ‘finishing my first 5k victory'( I know you are all sick of it.. I’m sorry….) she had asked me when my next one was. I told her that I did not know.  We had run into each other at bayside runner a small local running store, Opened by a man with a passion for running and helping others run. They will expertly fit your feet with the perfect running shoes…. trust me… you need to go to a professional.. if you are local… Bayside is the best… Adam and his staff are committed to make sure you are in the right shoe.

opps… sidetracked again 😉

crap.. where was I… oh yeah… I had not seen my old neighbor in at least 10 years .. but in reality it was probably more. She is currently training for her first marathon 🙂

Both she & Heather, one of the employees at the store told me about a race in my hometown this weekend. A benefit for a very young boy who had unexpectedly had passed away… It was the Plymouth Police and Fire 5k.. Liam’s Run. I told them that I was pretty sure  I was busy with homecoming stuff, but that I would check it out.

And I did. And I realized that anything ( other than making waffles early Sunday ) that I needed to do homecoming-wise was not on Sunday, I signed myself up.


So this morning I arrived at the race wandering around looking for where to go, when I see my old friend, Joanne. She was walking toward me with a big smile…  she said’ ” there you are…. I looked to make sure that you signed up…your number is 150.. lets go get it… I’m so happy that you are here.”

A few minutes later we ran into Heather, who  recognized me and high-fived me for coming:)

<– felt a tad bit important and loved 😉  it turns out that runners are sooo nice!!

And boom.. just like that.. years of not being in touch.. I was next to one of my best friends again 🙂 Since she is training for a marathon.. she had already run 15 miles this morning. She did run the 5k.. and came in 2nd in her age group ( I believe she beat out those ‘youngens’ (as we called them) in the age group below her!

She ran the race 22 something ( I tried looking but could not find the official times online yet… I’ll update this post as soon as I do)  *edited… her time was 22 :57* 🙂

She was able to finish her race.. get herself a water and come back to the finish line to cheer me on!

My official time was 35 :05.. although This explains why… I certainly could have been under 35.. I would guess same time frame as last weekend.. And although I did almost throw up again *insert laughter here* trying to sprint to the finish line…. MY breathing throughout the race was much more even and controlled.

I’m getting this!!!

So here are a couple of pics…I’m so happy to have bumped into her and her share this experience with me 🙂  (doesn’t she look great? she will ROCK this marathon!)

so…… on another note..  I debated posting this pic…  I have put on weight.. and even though I posted THIS about my feeling on diets, Eating healthy is most important  and that, my friends, I have not been doing.

So tomorrow I am starting a mini 3-day cleanse. I have a friend who works for beach body and I purchased the basic kit from her. It’s only 3 days. I  can do this. And I know that I will feel better.  I’m traveling a lot in the weeks to come, and although I love wearing yoga pants & sweatshirts … it;s just not reality. I do squeeze myself into ‘normal clothes’ when I have places to be…. but it;s all kinds of ugly… and it kinda hurts. I’m not gunna lie.

If anyone is interested in the 3 day mini cleanse, shoot me an email and I will give you the info…

meanwhile, I’ll still be cooking for the girls…  I might write a tiny blurb about how I am doing/ feeling…. more if you guys want it.. .. but for now I’m off to enjoy family time.

ciao bellas!  cheers to old friends and paths taken…… all for a reason….



  1. I was just thinking about having to wear normal clothes. Elastic waist has been my best friend. I need to do something about this. Congrats on race number 2!! ( I just reread what I wrote and I put elastic waste instead. Made me laugh cause that’s probably what it should be.)


  2. Cathy Thomas says:

    Shell you have become my daily addiction! and inspiration! I would love to do a three day cleans and I am also looking into doing the green smoothie thing. I have gained all the weight I lost (almost) since this whole medical issue has happened and I feel like garbage. Even though I am mostly bed bound I want to get healthy and I have been trying to find a yoga person… I wish we lived closer! Man! If I could find a place for the same rent that would allow my dog and cats we would be there lickity split!
    Keep up the awesomness! I cant even imagine running like that!


  3. I just sent you an email!


  4. Great job on another race!! You are a kick butt runner chick.


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