are you a wiener?

the wieners of the soap nuts giveaway are about to be announced.

I have been researching ‘give away’ sites that can help me to determine a winner based on how many entries I receive.  I have found one that I will use on the next one ( possibly just as crazy as the soap nuts idea 🙂 ) but I would have had to set it up from

the get go.. and I already had entries and couldn’t figure out how to add them manually..  ( I’ve had a very technically challenging day today 😦 )

… so ….I still needed help with this one..  I asked Scott to pick 10 random numbers like I did  last time and  Ali came running in with her calculator eager to  show off her new statistics skills…


this is what she came up with


which translates to :












so congrats ladies ( ya’ll are ladies who won…)  you will soon get the opportunity to play with your nuts *giggle*

I need for you to shoot me an email at with your correct mailing address and I will give it to Laundry Tree on Monday so that they can ship you your soap nuts!


Thanks again for playing and for continuing to help get the word out about barefootgirl in the kitchen 🙂 I could kiss you if i could….. ( just as long as my finance , Christina doesn’t mind 😉 )  lol


it’s Homecoming weekend in these parts…. lets her a big thank you for Ali’s talented statistics skills  and a big shout out to the Lady Saints 🙂

and a big shout out to my daughter on loan from her parents in Hong Kong, miss Tian

Homecoming Queen!!

she looks a little bit surprised, dontcha think?


pizza time before the dance…. into the kitchen I go….


  1. Yay. I get to play with soapnuts!


  2. Cathy Thomas says:

    I am so EXCITED!!!! I never win anything!!! And I am excited to try your “nuts”! We use Charlies soap which is an all natural eco-cool laundry soap. So I am definitly into trying something along the same lines!

    And a huge Congrats to the Homecoming Queen and a huge shout out to the Lady saints!


  3. Thanks Ali i like ur statistics skills!!! 🙂
    I cant wait to play with my nuts!! 🙂


  4. Wow I won ! I can’t wait to try these out. Yours is the only blog I win stuff from 🙂 I still have the apple corer and use it regularly 😀 xoxo.

    I just tearily accepted your marriage proposal 🙂 lol.


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