numerology at it’s best

today is the 16th day 9th month of the 2012th year

I am 41 years old and my sister is 38  years old.

today we ran our first 5k,

Jodies’ bib number was 902

Mine was 2029

(it’s alphabetical.. for those who do not know)

in case you do not know, a 5k is 3.1 miles.

my personal goal was to finish in 45 mintes.

we crossed over the finish line ant the clock said 39 :40

I was thrilled with this number.

On the way home, by brilliant sister and I started talking about how the clock read that, but those were the first runners…. the fast runners.. and that in fact it took us a good 4-5 minutes for us to start our race

*keep in mind, we are newbies here*

so alllllllll day we have waited for the final results to be posted… 5 minutes ago.. they were

34 minutes and 26 seconds!  yeah baby!!!  we ran a n 11:05 mile!!  WWWAAAAY beyond what I could  that I could ever do!!

I will post more on this whole experience tomorrow, but I have a hubby who is in actually in town and some legs that need some rest 🙂

Onto the giveaway..  42 of you  qualified.. thank you for every share that you made. The only way for me to help my blog grow is for those who like it to share it with others. If you don;t like it.. that is ok.. I don;t want to bully anyone ( except my sister… it’ s a God-given right ~ thanks, mom and dad :)..I owe you both for this!!!!)

*evil grin*

when I went to random .org.. it turns out that I had to pay for it… I just bought my domain this week

I’m broke.

So I yelled to Scott ( who was in the kitchen )  scottinthekitchen stories up soon? possibly 🙂

me : hey hon pic a number between 1 and 42 ( I had the paper way away from me with every name having a number attached)

him : 42

me: really

him : what’s wrong with 42?

me.. nothing.. it;s the winner….  let’s see who won….

Kathy with a K…….. !!!! congratulations!  I will need your address…email at

Thanks to all who shared and entered. Details on the next giveaway tomorrow 🙂 This one will be quite bigger !

thanks again for all the race love

and thanks, Jo…  for running with me despite the fact that I bullied you into it! I could not have done as well I I did without you by my side  smoooooooocheroni!!!!!!

Happy Sunday evening, friends!



  1. You may have bullied me into it…. But I bullied your rear end through the finish line!!!!! I puffy heart you!!!!


    • barefootgirl27 says:

      I puffy heart you more!! and you are welcome that I was able to hold back my vomit! 34:26 babay!!!!! I never could have imagined!!!!


  2. Joyce lynch says:

    Went back to Cinnamon sticks & Candle wicks yesterday. Ladies, when your husband is with you & you want to browse, introduce him to the owner, who happens to be a hometowny, & trust me you can then shop for hours. Loved it even more the second time.


  3. You two are too phenomenally energetic, courageous, determined, so blessed to have each other and so lucky to both know how valuable that is. Congratulations on the marathon, wish I wasn’t too old to do this. I’ll live vicariously through you both.


    • barefootgirl27 says:

      YOu are soo sweet! and you are NOT too old to do this!!! at all!! there were runners there easily in their mid 70’s.. You’ve got PLENTY of time, girl! and I KNOW you are active 🙂 🙂

      I started with couch to 5k…. it works..:) if you can walk then you can build up to jogging… if you have a smart phone you can download the app and it tells you Exactly what to do! If you don’t then for the instructions on their website 🙂 thank you for your kind words !


  4. Received my “barn raising” melters today! Can’t wait to use them. I usually only use candles so I don’t have a warmer. Another reason to go shopping! 🙂 Thanks!!!


    • what is a melter? I’m trying to respond to your leadership by working out.


      • Yay!! I’m proud of you for working out :). It does get easier ( or so they tell me!)

        A melter is a cube of wax ..there is no wick. You put the wax cube in what looks like a candle holder then use a tea light underneath it and that melts the wax releasing the scent

        There are also plug in Warmers that have night lights ( I have a friend that sells scentsy plug ins) .. Rather than a tea light heating the wax. The nightlight heats it

        You can also find them at Yankee candle 🙂

        Keep at the exercise!!!


    • Any excuse to go shopping :). Yankee candle has Warmers. And if you look online you can probably find a coupon

      I also have a friend who sells scentsy Warmers which are nice because the one I have is also a nightlight. I can get that info if you are interested

      I used 2 of the cubes in my warmer for about a week.. Then when the scent was fading. I heated it in the warmer. Then carefully poured it back into the container.

      (the wax is still usable for making my feet soft). I’m not sure if you are supposed to do this. But my feet are really soft 🙂



  1. […] ….I still needed help with this one..  I asked Scott to pick 10 random numbers like I did  last time and  Ali came running in with her calculator eager to  show off her new statistics […]


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