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hello friends 🙂

I have a confession… I woke in quite a sour mood this morning.  You see, I have a lot going on behind the scenes here… some of it I’ve eluded to, some I’m not ready to just yet… In due time, I shall share.  For right now, I have moments of ups and downs and this morning was a ‘down’

After a completely ineffective pity party for myself. ( like that ever works..) I decided to go for a ‘run’ ( ok. ok.. jog/ walk) but still… it feels important to me 🙂

And I got to thinking that if I started to think of good things form this week gone by then I would be better off.. so here I present to you

my reasons to smile

1~ ( I know you are all sick of hearing this.. but years from now I will look back and want to be part of this weeks’ memories) I ran my first 5k….  you need to know that this was one of those things that I pictured that I would be sitting in a rocker with Scott ( ok.. he could have his own next tome.. but you get the idea 😉 ) when I was 72 saying, ” ya know hon.. I probably could have done that way back when I was 41 if only I tried.”

I tried

I did


2~  in regards to THIS post, which I wrote as a thank  you to all of those who have helped me along the way with my personal journey… I received a lot of sweet responses that quite frankly , blew me away. I love you guys.

the next day I received a series of text messages from Amanda, my daughter-in-law… I was on the phone at the time, so I didn’t get them until all at once.  which turned out to be even better…

seriously…. how could this NOT make me smile????  I’m so blessed that she & Jason found each other 🙂 I love you both!

3~I met a friend at Mayflower brewing company last night.  Many many many years ago we worked in the same salon together…  I think it is extra-special when you can meet up with an old friend and it’s like time hasn’t passed at all.

I’m finding more and more that re-connecting with my old friends is reminding me of this path that I have taken to get to here and that I am so lucky to have had all of you in my life…

* I actually ran into another old friend yesterday that I have seen in about 15 years… to put it in perpective, Scott and I dropped Jason off at her house the night I went into labor with Ryan*

~the irony? it was at the running store.

and some people don’t believe in this whole ‘connection ‘ thing.

4~ I used to DESPISE Norah Jones… in my opinion, She stole the Grammy away from Bruce for his album ‘The Rising’..his amazingly awesome tribute ALBUM  to 911( not just one song folks.. A WHOLE ALBUM ) I was bitter for years. ( I remember being in the salon the morning after the Grammys talking to my clients… ” who the hell is this Norah ( said with extreme distaste)”….

then something happened and I kinda fell in love with her :).. yup  girl crush here. I’m ok with that .  I listen to her on rainy days… somedays while staring out at the ocean.. I have a Pandora station of her music ( as well as her cds ) While I have heard this song and SANG this song.. I only figured out about an hour ago what it its about..

her dog !  How could THAT not make me smile??

5~ I’m making THIS for dinner.. It’s Homecoming weekend and the girls are out most of the weekend.. and Scott is actually home.. so I can have fun with these ingredients. which sent me out in search of figs and I found

…….a sale on Oregon cheese and Washington apples!!

and as silly as it sounds, it makes me feel closer to Ryan…. so I bought them… I think we will open one of the bottles of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir tonight to go with this  🙂

happy start of your weekend, friends 🙂

psst…. one more thing…. guess who signed up for another 5k this weekend??

Liam’s Run  for a good laugh, come see me, or even better.. sign up Sunday morning and run with me 🙂

ps.. you have until midnight tonight to qualify to win some nuts


numerology at it’s best

today is the 16th day 9th month of the 2012th year

I am 41 years old and my sister is 38  years old.

today we ran our first 5k,

Jodies’ bib number was 902

Mine was 2029

(it’s alphabetical.. for those who do not know)

in case you do not know, a 5k is 3.1 miles.

my personal goal was to finish in 45 mintes.

we crossed over the finish line ant the clock said 39 :40

I was thrilled with this number.

On the way home, by brilliant sister and I started talking about how the clock read that, but those were the first runners…. the fast runners.. and that in fact it took us a good 4-5 minutes for us to start our race

*keep in mind, we are newbies here*

so alllllllll day we have waited for the final results to be posted… 5 minutes ago.. they were

34 minutes and 26 seconds!  yeah baby!!!  we ran a n 11:05 mile!!  WWWAAAAY beyond what I could  that I could ever do!!

I will post more on this whole experience tomorrow, but I have a hubby who is in actually in town and some legs that need some rest 🙂

Onto the giveaway..  42 of you  qualified.. thank you for every share that you made. The only way for me to help my blog grow is for those who like it to share it with others. If you don;t like it.. that is ok.. I don;t want to bully anyone ( except my sister… it’ s a God-given right ~ thanks, mom and dad :)..I owe you both for this!!!!)

*evil grin*

when I went to random .org.. it turns out that I had to pay for it… I just bought my domain this week

I’m broke.

So I yelled to Scott ( who was in the kitchen )  scottinthekitchen stories up soon? possibly 🙂

me : hey hon pic a number between 1 and 42 ( I had the paper way away from me with every name having a number attached)

him : 42

me: really

him : what’s wrong with 42?

me.. nothing.. it;s the winner….  let’s see who won….

Kathy with a K…….. !!!! congratulations!  I will need your address…email at

Thanks to all who shared and entered. Details on the next giveaway tomorrow 🙂 This one will be quite bigger !

thanks again for all the race love

and thanks, Jo…  for running with me despite the fact that I bullied you into it! I could not have done as well I I did without you by my side  smoooooooocheroni!!!!!!

Happy Sunday evening, friends!


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