race day

race day is here..  I am excited and scared and nervous and extatic all at once.  *squeal* I can’t believe that today is the day!!

You can read about why this has been so important to me here  🙂

My little sister and I are as ready as we are going to be… and that is in thanks to many friends along the way who have answered even the silliest questions about running for me.


and yes, I did go out and buy new sneakers yesterday…. because everyone who knew anything about sneakers told me that mine were way too small for me & my ‘toe box’ would end up hurting my toes.

I also started to get really bitchy  nervous  yesterday afternoon…. so I took my patootie to the running store, where I was surrounded by runners who didn’t even know and still answered questions for me.

Thank you for everyone on my personal facebook page for the music suggestions… I appreciate them all and her is what I ultimately came up with..

St.Elmos’ fire? why yes…. it is where I fell in love with the jeep Wrangler and knew I would someday drive one…

Prince?  why, yes.. because I am still ( and probably always will be looking for the purple banana….)

Flashdance? well, honestly, wouldn’t you be more surprised if it wasn’t on my playlist? 🙂

thought so 😉

Today is also the day that I announce the winner of the giveaway !!  And i know that I said the deadline was last night, But I’m feeling all warm and generous this morning…  So I will extend your chances to win Until I arrive home from the race….  ( I have a complete list of everyone who was entered based on how you could enter as stated in that post.. some of you have multiple entries! Thank you!!

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You guys are all the greatest…  I’m off to the city where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air…

I’m such a lyric junkie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ll be back around dinner with race results and giveaway winner!  good luck friends!!!

I gotsss to run!!!!


  1. Good morning!! good luck and have a great time Michelle 🙂


  2. riogranderivercat says:

    You can do this Shel! I am so proud of you!!


  3. Yay!!!! We are DOING this:). Together!! Oxox


  4. I would like do this together.
    Love you.



  1. […] our race day had finally arrived…..  After spending this night at casa hagg, we stopped at Dunkin donuts […]


  2. […] our race day had finally arrived…..  After spending this night at casa hagg, we stopped at Dunkin donuts […]


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