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happy sunday , friends.


Scott and I were headed out for a walk when a good friend of mine happened to call at the exact time I was turning the key in the engine to inform me of a marathon running right by my house.


Back inside we went.


So last month, life unexpectedly had me take a last minute trip to go to Jacksonville, Fla to be with my daugther in law, Amanda… you may remember her  from THIS POST


while I was there to help her through some medical issues ( my Son is still on deployment until NEXT WEEK!!!)  She and were able to spend a bit of time doing silly things that we both enjoy ….

(not a great pic of either of us, but we were having a blast)

Health Food Shopping!!!!  For about a year now, Amanda has educated herself on non-gmo foods and how to eat a healthy, balanced diet and has lost 30 pounds!!  Let’s here it for how amazing that is!!!

No lie, over my 2 1/2 day visit with her, we hit 5 health food stores !  silly silly fun ❤


And of course… we found time for food.


hold on to your hats here… even thought I posted pictures when I was Colorado about going  out for frozen yogurt.. But that was only for Scott and Ali.


*I* still had not caught onto the ‘fro yo’ craze…


until jax.


Amanda  has 2 places that she wanted me to visit with her. One was 




yum 🙂  in the event that I am NOT the last person on earth who has not got out for for yo.. I will share..



Here, we went to a wall o fun……  you serve yourself whatever flavors ( go wild with your combinations..) into your cup

* our favorite was Fat Free ‘taro’  made from a tropical asian plant that has similar nutritional values to spinach… trust me.. this was AWESOME!!!!!*

then you head over to the toppings bar


and go WILD!





yum 🙂


the other place that we went was called COZY TEA

Amanda had told me a few weeks back that when I ever got to jax again that we both must go. ( she loves tea as much as I do)  Neither of us had dreamed that I would actually be there so soon…..


but I was… so we went..


and it was a phenominal experience!


nestled in an amongst other shops in an older part of Jacksonville, it this darling tea shop.



the room is beautifuly eclectic…. with mis matched dishes, and linens and even chairs, it has all the feeling of a very special living room…


you begin by picking your tea..



so many to chose from ! it was hard to make the choice ( so hard in fact that I  bought some loose tea to bring home with me 😉



I chose the lemon grass  Chai. I forget what Amanda chose….  I think it was fruity..





the food is all home made and without a doubt some of the best that I’ve ever had…




everything is home made and the chef-owners were right there in the kitchen… a delight to to talk to.





and when your tea is done, there are so many hand made truffles to chose from!  Of course I brought a bunch home.

She and I also each picked out a freshly baked scone with cream and jam to bring back for after dinner that night




we headed back to her house to hang with the pups, Bruin & Kallie and to just hang out and relax. Relaxing was much needed 😉


we ended the night by toasting to Jason, knowing he’s be home soon..



I did a little cooking while I was there.. I’ll share that in the next post….


aren’t they adorable?? she looks a lot like her little sister in this picture :0


so pretty !


on a final note.. I finally have my own suitcase.  This may sound silly to some, but it has me feeling all grown up.  With all of the traveling that I have been doing recently, as well as much more to come, I’ve gotten pretty good at the packing thing and have discovered some handy tips that I will be sharing soon.


I feel like such a big girl when I am maneuvering through the airport..


ya know.. a big girl who still takes her blankie with her at 42 years old 🙂


smooches friends.


enjoy your Sunday ❤

best laid plans….

So here I am in the mile high city. And last night I found myself with an opportunity to cook! Here’s the issue… Although I have a complete kitchen to work in, I had zero to work with… Not even salt and pepper .

I spent a lot of time thinking about something creative that I could make ,having to buy the least ingredients. I came up with a killer recipe ( at least in my opinion ;). I took pics and was all set to share it with y’all. Here’s the thing.. I took the pics with my SLR camera ,which I cannot upload until I am home. Bummer. I was so excited to share!!!

So I have decided to share some of the pics I’ve taken with my phone…… There is a bit of food, but nothing that I’ve made ( until I get home .. Le sigh)

























I can’t figure out how to name photos on a mobile device… Ugh.! Someday I’ll get this

It’s been a weird weekend. Some really good… Some really bad. And I don’t care how old you are.. When your kids hurt, you hurt. It’s very clear to me that that will never change. I am quite thankful for their health 🙂

See y’all from my kitchen soon…. Oxox


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