frozen puppy treats and birthday cupcakes ( for the pups) 

my sweet pup, Fenway had a birthday a few weeks ago.  She’s 11!  ( or 77 in people years 😁)


This is a pic of her first day home.  Gosh that seems like it was so long ago! 

It set put to get her birthday treats and decided to make my own version of ‘frosty paws’

It was quick, easy, inexpensive .. And she loves  them! 


Homemade frosty treats 

2 cups non fat plain yogurt

1 cup smooth peanut butter  ( you could also sub pumpkin if your dog can’t eat peanut butter ) 

1 banana

2 tablespoons honey 

Dog treats that will fit in the containers you choose. 

Small glad ware type of containers with tops 

Start by mixing yogurt, peanut butter, banana and honey 


Place a dog treat in the bottom of each container ( I chose scoobie treats in honor of my successful kombucha brewing and my homemade scobie that is so awesome already that I can share it with friends ) 


Pour peanut butter mixture over dog treats and top with another, pop the lid on and freeze


See! Easy peasy!   And other than the initial investment of the plastic cups ( which I will reuse to make future batches). This whole batch cost under 5 buckaroos to make !


The birthday girl was very happy 🎉🐾🎉🐾

I also made her carrot cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. 

And a small bone from the butcher.. After all, you only turn 11 once! 


  1. Fantastic idea! We live in AZ and this would be a great idea for our little guy during the hot summer months. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Suzzette says:

    I am making this for myself minus the scooby snacks:} since frozen yogurt in the store always contains sugar.


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