what I love about fall

a~ apples, acorn squash

b~ Bruce Springsteen’s birthday, BOOTS!

c~ Cecelia’s birthday , cider , candles

d~ DMB concerts

e~ early sunsets

f~ falling leaves; fireplaces, festivals, football!

g~gobbling turkeys

h~ harvest time!! hayrides

i~ ice hockey ( Go B’s!!)


k~ kale!!!

l~leaves changing colors

m~ mazes. corn mazes to be exact 🙂

n~ nuts


p~ pep rallies before games (I’m talking pre-Nauset.. going back to the Fermi days 😉 ). and pumpkin beer

q~ quilts!!!!

r~ rustling leaves crunching beneath my feet

s~ sista’s birthday, soups & stews  SOCKS!!! ( I have a thick comfy sock addiction)


u~ Uggs ( my pink fluff mommas 😉 )

v~ vino! (anytime of year;) )

w~ walks in the woods

x~ I got nutin’


z~ zzzzzz  naps 😉

I found my new favorite breakfast this morning.  I made overnight oats, then added some apple butter , chia seeds & topped with chopped walnuts.

and just for fun…

the tiniest drizzle of Vermont Maple syrup

what are your favorite things about fall? What did I miss??


  1. You missed pumpkin spice candles and Thanksgiving =)

    I don’t have anything for X either!


  2. Love. Fall. And really enjoyed your site! I’m a former New England girl with too many hobbies…now transplanted to WI and still have too many hobbies! 🙂


  3. barefootgirl27 says:

    AHH!!! pumpkin candles !! and Thanksgiving.. how could i forget? Big-Cooking day!!!


  4. Reblogged this on barefootgirl in the kitchen and commented:

    Happy fall my friends!! By far this is my favorite time of the year…. Going back over old posts I came upon this and discovered that not much has changed as far as what I love about fall… Although I now can add college tours for Ali to my list 🙂 What is your favorite thing about this time of year????



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  4. […] better about sharing them with y’all.   I also have a few ideas for fun giveaways!  fall is my favorite  time of year!  I come to life in autumn […]


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