Happy fall my friends!! By far this is my favorite time of the year…. Going back over old posts I came upon this and discovered that not much has changed as far as what I love about fall… Although I now can add college tours for Ali to my list 🙂 What is your favorite thing about this time of year????

barefootgirl in the kitchen

a~ apples, acorn squash

b~ Bruce Springsteen’s birthday, BOOTS!

c~ Cecelia’s birthday , cider , candles

d~ DMB concerts

e~ early sunsets

f~ falling leaves; fireplaces, festivals, football!

g~gobbling turkeys

h~ harvest time!! hayrides

i~ ice hockey ( Go B’s!!)


k~ kale!!!

l~leaves changing colors

m~ mazes. corn mazes to be exact 🙂

n~ nuts


p~ pep rallies before games (I’m talking pre-Nauset.. going back to the Fermi days 😉 ). and pumpkin beer

q~ quilts!!!!

r~ rustling leaves crunching beneath my feet

s~ sista’s birthday, soups & stews  SOCKS!!! ( I have a thick comfy sock addiction)


u~ Uggs ( my pink fluff mommas 😉 )

v~ vino! (anytime of year;) )

w~ walks in the woods

x~ I got nutin’


z~ zzzzzz  naps 😉

I found my new favorite breakfast this morning.  I made overnight oats, then added some apple butter , chia seeds…

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  1. Cathy Thomas says:

    I love the weather and how cool it is! I love the leaves and the squash…. lol! I LOVE FALL!!!!


  2. Fall rocks.I get very “nesty” at this time of year. Try to spend as much time in the kitchen as possible by day, and snuggling into my chair, fireplace going, knitting.


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