Inexpensive design wall

howdy!   For awhile now I’ve wanted to make a design wall.  This is a space dedicated on a wall in my craft room where I can put the pieces of my quilts as I’m piecing so that I can start to seem quilt come together. 

I’ve done a bunch of research and finally made one this week.  For under 15 bucks! 

I bought these fun little nuggets at Home Depot 


Little clothes pins!   And oh so easy to attach! 

The backside of a flannel table cloth is the perfect surface for a wall like this.  The flannel is just fuzzy enough so that you fabric pieces will stick to it without any pins! 

I set out to find a flannel backed tablecloth this week.  I couldn’t find one anywhere! 

Sooo.. I headed to joanns fabrics and they have outdoor fabric that you can buy by the yard 


 Fun print, eh?  I might have to go buy more for another project! 

It was 5.99 a yard.. I bought 2 yards and with a 50% coupon it was well.. 5.99 

(Don’tcha love my mad math skills? πŸ™‚ )

I simply spaced the little clothespins across the top of my wall 

Then went to hang the tablecloth.. But the tablecloth was too thin and kept slipping out of the clips 

I added a piece of webbing left over from tote bags I made a few years back 


And voila! It was perfect! 


  I’m very proud of little ol’ me πŸ™‚ 

Enjoy your Sunday! 


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greetings from cape cod

Well… This is all really happening. In fact we are smack dab in the middle of it ! Our home in Plymouth is no longer ours. The new owners are very nice. They came over the day before we closed and met Ali and I.

They have 2 kids .. A boy and a girl.. Both very close to how old Ryan and Ali were back when we moved in.

Both kids go to sacred heart, the same school that Ali just graduated from!

The little girl who is now living in Ali’s room told her mom that she wanted to set the room up as a classroom for her American girl dolls.. Which was Exactly what Ali did way back when!!

Our stuff is on a big truck and was packed by 2 awesome guys, Vance and James . The relo company also sent me a helper, Karen , who was a godsend. It was like having 2 of me. Simply awesome!

I actually have talked to her about getting a job like that for myself. She flies around the country and assists in relocation moves. Making sure all goes smoothly. She was going to talk to her boss about me πŸ™‚

Our stuff has arrived in Denver and is being held in storage until we get there next week.

The boys have had the couch delivered so at least they have something other than the folding chairs to sit on ( I had a whole post about the chairs and the reason bend that bottle of wine and lost it 😦 I may retype in the next day or two.. I love that story)


See miss Fenway laying there so comfy wondering where her deadbeat mom is

Ali found this….


How adorable!!

We were looking for a place to stay so that we could be here for lexies graduation ( tomorrow) and friends of ours offered us their summer cottage on the cape.

It’s funny.. I’ve lived on the cape for much of my adult life but its so different being here but not living here. We are so grateful for this. We would have hated to miss Alexis’ graduation.

I’ve never really been a beach girl .. I like it and all.. But really just for short bits of time.

I’ve tried a few watersports .. Once Scott and hid dad took me waterskiing.

It took me forever to get up and ski.
Which I did for maybe a minute?

Then I fell… But here’s the thing… No one ever told me to let go of the ropes . I was dragged for about 5 minutes ( felt like 20) with my face being pounded against the water.

Funny now.. But back then it wasn’t

This is what I’ve spent my time doing here


I’m addicted to my little hexagons… They have to be sewn by hand, which I find very therapeutic πŸ˜‰

Let me know if you want a tutorial.. They are very easy and you don’t really need to know how to sew to get started.

I just love the 1930 s reproduction fabric


East coast friends… Ill be back in 2 weeks for alis pc orientation. Let me know if you’d like to get together. I’m free 27th- 30th. Just let me know πŸ™‚

Ok.. Time to stretch and get more tea …



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