silk sweater.. finished! 

3 years ago, when we were moving my son into college in Portland Oregon, I stumbled across the most adorable yarn shop Knit-purl.   This Sweater was on display in the window and I longed for the yarn.  

I somehow talked myself out of it. 

Seriously… Not sure how I did that. 

I dreamed of this sweater for a whole year.  When we moved him back in for his sophomore year, I splurged and bought the yarn. 

It’s taken me close to 2 years to finish, but earlier last month, I did it! 

And I’m in love!  


In addition to my New years’ resolutions I vowed to work through my stash of fibers and complete some unfinished projects.   So far, I’m on the right track!   I’m also working on another  Sweater that is way  beyond my expertise…  But I’m slowly plugging away at it and I can feel my confidence building.  

And that my friends, makes me a happy girl 🙂 

Inexpensive design wall

howdy!   For awhile now I’ve wanted to make a design wall.  This is a space dedicated on a wall in my craft room where I can put the pieces of my quilts as I’m piecing so that I can start to seem quilt come together. 

I’ve done a bunch of research and finally made one this week.  For under 15 bucks! 

I bought these fun little nuggets at Home Depot 


Little clothes pins!   And oh so easy to attach! 

The backside of a flannel table cloth is the perfect surface for a wall like this.  The flannel is just fuzzy enough so that you fabric pieces will stick to it without any pins! 

I set out to find a flannel backed tablecloth this week.  I couldn’t find one anywhere! 

Sooo.. I headed to joanns fabrics and they have outdoor fabric that you can buy by the yard 


 Fun print, eh?  I might have to go buy more for another project! 

It was 5.99 a yard.. I bought 2 yards and with a 50% coupon it was well.. 5.99 

(Don’tcha love my mad math skills? 🙂 )

I simply spaced the little clothespins across the top of my wall 

Then went to hang the tablecloth.. But the tablecloth was too thin and kept slipping out of the clips 

I added a piece of webbing left over from tote bags I made a few years back 


And voila! It was perfect! 


  I’m very proud of little ol’ me 🙂 

Enjoy your Sunday! 


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