silk sweater.. finished! 

3 years ago, when we were moving my son into college in Portland Oregon, I stumbled across the most adorable yarn shop Knit-purl.   This Sweater was on display in the window and I longed for the yarn.  

I somehow talked myself out of it. 

Seriously… Not sure how I did that. 

I dreamed of this sweater for a whole year.  When we moved him back in for his sophomore year, I splurged and bought the yarn. 

It’s taken me close to 2 years to finish, but earlier last month, I did it! 

And I’m in love!  


In addition to my New years’ resolutions I vowed to work through my stash of fibers and complete some unfinished projects.   So far, I’m on the right track!   I’m also working on another  Sweater that is way  beyond my expertise…  But I’m slowly plugging away at it and I can feel my confidence building.  

And that my friends, makes me a happy girl 🙂 

a * finished* sweet spring purse

howdy friends.


Today I have another finished project to share with you!  A few years ago, I was visiting my mom and we visited a yarn shop adventures in knitting and I saw this cute little pattern that I knew I wanted to make

Of course, life was crazy at the time, so I bought IT put away with other patterns for a time when life would be more conducive to creating.

whelp, when I found myself couch-bound post- surgery, I made the executive decision ( cause I’m all important and stuff 😉  ) that it was time to make it.


Last week, I finished!

cabin fever purse


I’m in LOVE with this little bag!
made the handle long enough so that it can go cross-body  ( for those all- important shopping trips)  It’s big enough to hold my phone, keys, lip gloss ( really all- important) and a credit card !


And I am super pleased with my choice of liners

inside of cabin fever purseespecially since I’ve become a biking fanatic

18 mile bike rideyeeah…. this was a blast!

My friend, Jackie, over at As My camera Sees it , posted a fitness- photo challenge today. It s a 12 week fitness challenge that will be documented weekly through photos!

Since I live in such a beautiful area that is unbelievably outdoor- friendly… I’m busy on thinking what my personal challenge will be.

announcement will be this coming Monday!


Something tells me it will have to do with two wheels 😉


In the meantime, I’ll leave you with n up close shot of my new treasure


cabin fever purseoh… the best part about this purse.. all made with SCRAPS! Go Me!


Thanks to those of you who purchased quit raffle tickets in support of Ali’s breast cancer walk… there is still time to buy tickets!  ( check THIS post for pictures of previous quilts)


and good luck!

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