a * finished* sweet spring purse

howdy friends.


Today I have another finished project to share with you!  A few years ago, I was visiting my mom and we visited a yarn shop adventures in knitting and I saw this cute little pattern that I knew I wanted to make

Of course, life was crazy at the time, so I bought IT put away with other patterns for a time when life would be more conducive to creating.

whelp, when I found myself couch-bound post- surgery, I made the executive decision ( cause I’m all important and stuff 😉  ) that it was time to make it.


Last week, I finished!

cabin fever purse


I’m in LOVE with this little bag!
made the handle long enough so that it can go cross-body  ( for those all- important shopping trips)  It’s big enough to hold my phone, keys, lip gloss ( really all- important) and a credit card !


And I am super pleased with my choice of liners

inside of cabin fever purseespecially since I’ve become a biking fanatic

18 mile bike rideyeeah…. this was a blast!

My friend, Jackie, over at As My camera Sees it , posted a fitness- photo challenge today. It s a 12 week fitness challenge that will be documented weekly through photos!

Since I live in such a beautiful area that is unbelievably outdoor- friendly… I’m busy on thinking what my personal challenge will be.

announcement will be this coming Monday!


Something tells me it will have to do with two wheels 😉


In the meantime, I’ll leave you with n up close shot of my new treasure


cabin fever purseoh… the best part about this purse.. all made with SCRAPS! Go Me!


Thanks to those of you who purchased quit raffle tickets in support of Ali’s breast cancer walk… there is still time to buy tickets!  ( check THIS post for pictures of previous quilts)


and good luck!

laundry balls ~ a giveaway!

where else could I possibly go after introdicing so many of you to SOAP NUTS??


dryer balls. yup… I have fun with my laundry… what can I say?


So ya’ll are wondering what in the heck are dryer balls?


here you go!

what do we do with these???  well.. you put them in the dryer with your laundry and they

1~ help you laundry dry faster.. making your dryer more effecient

2~ natural fabric softener… the bouncing of the balls between you clothes ‘softens’ the clothes and helps them to be less wrinkled

3~ you can put a dab of essential oil on the balls before throwing them in the dryer and they will make your clothes smell purty

4~ when folding your laundry, you can have the kids fish them out

5~ I happen to know that they bounce a little. making folding laundry a bit more fun

6~ they are just so darm cute 🙂


I’m going to show you how to make these..


*warning * they are addicting…

* yarn…  make sure it is 100% wool.  you can find it at any craft store.. and often find a coupon online as well

* scissors

* an old stocking… it’s ok if it has holes


start by taking your yarn and start to roll it into a ball… I like to keep my thumb in place so that it makes a little hole

roll your ball as big as you want it… you can make them all different sizes.. ( the more the merrier)

cut the tail and weave it into the hole.

if you want to make a design, take a scrap of yarn and randomly wrap around in any crazy design

dont worry if it seems loose, it will tighten up soon


next, take you ball and carefully insert it into a stocking… ( if there is a hole in it, knot it so that you create a ‘pocket’ so that the ball does not have the hole directly on it)


tightly knot the stocking around the ball, so that it is snug in there.


then add another..  and another.. make a whole chain!!


Next.. wash it in the hottest water that you can.

Ans stick in in the dryer..  I run it through a little extra cycle, just to make sure it is uber dry.


now.. the fun part.


using your scissors, carefully cut the stocking away from each ball…



and there you have it! dryer balls 🙂

Last month, Ali and her friends went white water rafting…  I washed a couple of the girls sleeping bags before they went.


when the girls got to the cabin, they unrolled their sleeping bag and snuggled in the bottom of one .. was one lonely dryer ball…  They ened up throwing it across the room at each other for entertainment.

yet.. another use for these babies.


sooo….  in honor of it being Wednesday… I want to share. ’cause I love you.

I’m going to give one of you your very own set of balls!


simply click on the comment box and the giveaway prompts are waiting for you!!!  enter using the “share on your wall” option once a day.. giving you extra chances!


ready.. set.. GO!!

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