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I came across this in  my blog roll today & thought it would be fun.

basically because I don’t feel like thinking much.. so here goes, first answers out of my brain…

A is for age:   41

B is for breakfast today         whole wheat toast with Earth Balance.. and lavender sage tea

C is for currently craving:    nap

D is for dinner tonight:      the family.. pork tenderloin.. me salad with tofu

E is for favorite type of exercise:       Yoga

F is for an irrational fear:       driving into a body of water and not being able to get out of the sinking car

G is for gross food:       fiddleheads..only veggie I dislike

H is for hometown:       too many to mention…  where my heart feels like home.. my meme & pepes apartment in Chicopee.. haven’t beent here in years, can’t even bring myself to drive by it. I’m weak like that.

I is for something important     family

J is for current favorite jam:           Bonne marie raspberry. It has only a few ingredients, all of which would make their way into my home made jam ( assuming I had the berries & time to do so)

K is for kids:    ahh.. trick question. I have given birth to 3, jason, 25.. Ryan. almost 19 and Ali 17. I also have an amazing daughter-in-law, Amanda, 23 who I love, an exchange student from Hong Kong, Tian who is 17 and I love her like a daughter as well… then of course there is Miss Fenway.. she is my boxer pup who is 7 and is me in dog form.  I I love all of my ‘kids’ They each make me proud in their own way.

L is for current location:       Sitting in my red chair at my messy desk ( that I should be cleaning rather than doing this) in the small room off of my kitchen. Fenway is exactly 2 feet away from me 

M is for the most recent way you spent money:     Iced coffee for Ryan after school

N is for something you need:     reassurance

O is for occupation:   currently,none. was a cosmetologist in another life, a culinary student, and most recently a Yoga teacher graduate…

P is for pet peeve:      smoking

Q is for a quote:    ~trust in the process.. everything happens for a reason… you just can;t see it now. Looking back one day,  it will all make sense…..

~ the times in you life that are the toughest.. that is when you are being carried….

R is for random fact about you:         I am sock addict and recent vegetarian

S is for favorite healthy snack:     kale chips

T is for favorite treat:    lavender salt bath

U is for something that makes you unique:      I’m a 7 year old at heart. I will never grow up. I’m ok with that. My family has adjusted

V is for favorite vegetable:        I don’t think I could answer with just one….  ok.. tomatoes.  and asparagus.. and shallots, and avocado…

W is for today’s workout:     90 minutes of Yoga

X is for X-rays you’ve had:     dental ?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:     AHH! Springsteen concert 🙂

Z is for your time zone        Eastern

Thanks for the template Janetha!

your turn!  tell me about you!!!

random nonsense-ness of the eve of Autumn…..

I have much to share.. but be fore-warned.. I’m all over the board today…

***And if my mother were to find out that I was going to post something about cleaning …..  well, mom… be ready ***

( don’t worry, Mom, I only have one tip…I’m still me 🙂 )

back to my tip.  …

Cleaning. I know.. it should be a four letter word. yuck. I have the ut most respect for those who do it as a living. You folks Rock-MY-World!!

For ages we talk about Spring cleaning. But if you do a deep cleaning in the spring, then Mother nature ( no disrespect, madam..) then pollen shows up.. then the humidity of summer gets everything sticky and if you are an avid gardener like Mr barefoot& I are.. well, there are days that there is more dirt on the inside of our house then outside.

I’m a HUGE advocate for fall cleaning.   and by fall cleaning I mean that i clean for a little while then fall down and a take a nap zzzzzzz..

just kidding.


Once in awhile I find a great tip and this, friends, is a good one…

You know how if you have nice **silk flowers or plants they get all dusty & rather scary

I know.. scary.. eh?  How do you clean this? well, you could dust each and every leaf (NOT) OR

you can fill a bag ( paper or plastic)  with Kosher salt. Yuppers. Salt.

just make sure your bag doesn’t have a hole in it.  Don’t ask me how I know this….

once your hole-less bag has salt ( just a big handful per item) place your plant in the bag, close it up tightly &

Shake shake shake… shake shake  shake.. shake your groove thing 🙂

guess what? you just cleaned your plant!!!

and the proof is in the bag.. litterally.

on the right.. the ‘dirty’ salt.. eeiiw……  and on the left, I sprinkled some fresh salt so that you can see the difference.   If you are a fan of barefootgirl in the kitchen on facebook then you know that I proclaimed my addiction of both salt AND pepper.. and this is just one more reason why 🙂

(see mom, it was light cleaning 😉 )

Ok… while I was shopping with a good friend earlier this week she forced me  encouraged me to buy this cookbook stand…

(sorry about the glare..)  and WHY did the NEED to come into my home??

be fore warned.. I’m about to leave you hanging…. although  I’m quite sure a family member of mine might chime in with the answer…..

family?? please don’t let me down 😉

lastly, I’ve spent some one on one time with my sewing machine this week….  but not quilting…. ( although I have many quilts calling for my attention…)  I have been taking wool sweaters & recycling or UPcycling them into something new..

I’ve posted one on barefootgirl in the kitchen ‘s facebook wall, but here is one that I completed today.

I started with this family shawl…

that sadly had been shrunk in a washing machine accident. ( c’mon… we all know it happens)

call me the shrunken laundry ambulance..

this is the second one that I’ve made.   I am LOVING this idea…..  partially beacuse of the whole recycling nature of it…. but I’m into this on another level…..I want to take clothes that mean something to you ( like a sweater from someone who has passed and re-purpose it into something that you will use everyday.

❤ legacys…..  have a sweater that you would like to repurpose? get in touch with me…

Ok.. thanks for listening to my randomness……  this was only a sliver of what is jumping around in my mind…..

and tomorrow.. I PROMISE you an awesome recipe…. very fall- like 🙂

ciao bellas!!

** although I think that silk plants have their place and CLEARLY I have them in my house, I will always opt for real 🙂

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