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I came across this in  my blog roll today & thought it would be fun.

basically because I don’t feel like thinking much.. so here goes, first answers out of my brain…

A is for age:   41

B is for breakfast today         whole wheat toast with Earth Balance.. and lavender sage tea

C is for currently craving:    nap

D is for dinner tonight:      the family.. pork tenderloin.. me salad with tofu

E is for favorite type of exercise:       Yoga

F is for an irrational fear:       driving into a body of water and not being able to get out of the sinking car

G is for gross food:       fiddleheads..only veggie I dislike

H is for hometown:       too many to mention…  where my heart feels like home.. my meme & pepes apartment in Chicopee.. haven’t beent here in years, can’t even bring myself to drive by it. I’m weak like that.

I is for something important     family

J is for current favorite jam:           Bonne marie raspberry. It has only a few ingredients, all of which would make their way into my home made jam ( assuming I had the berries & time to do so)

K is for kids:    ahh.. trick question. I have given birth to 3, jason, 25.. Ryan. almost 19 and Ali 17. I also have an amazing daughter-in-law, Amanda, 23 who I love, an exchange student from Hong Kong, Tian who is 17 and I love her like a daughter as well… then of course there is Miss Fenway.. she is my boxer pup who is 7 and is me in dog form.  I I love all of my ‘kids’ They each make me proud in their own way.

L is for current location:       Sitting in my red chair at my messy desk ( that I should be cleaning rather than doing this) in the small room off of my kitchen. Fenway is exactly 2 feet away from me 

M is for the most recent way you spent money:     Iced coffee for Ryan after school

N is for something you need:     reassurance

O is for occupation:   currently,none. was a cosmetologist in another life, a culinary student, and most recently a Yoga teacher graduate…

P is for pet peeve:      smoking

Q is for a quote:    ~trust in the process.. everything happens for a reason… you just can;t see it now. Looking back one day,  it will all make sense…..

~ the times in you life that are the toughest.. that is when you are being carried….

R is for random fact about you:         I am sock addict and recent vegetarian

S is for favorite healthy snack:     kale chips

T is for favorite treat:    lavender salt bath

U is for something that makes you unique:      I’m a 7 year old at heart. I will never grow up. I’m ok with that. My family has adjusted

V is for favorite vegetable:        I don’t think I could answer with just one….  ok.. tomatoes.  and asparagus.. and shallots, and avocado…

W is for today’s workout:     90 minutes of Yoga

X is for X-rays you’ve had:     dental ?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:     AHH! Springsteen concert 🙂

Z is for your time zone        Eastern

Thanks for the template Janetha!

your turn!  tell me about you!!!

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