my denver life

A good friend of mine said to me last week, ” I’m ready to start living my denver life ”

This thought has been going through my head since she said it.


taking a break in the park with my crusier

This photo speaks volumes to me. In essence, it IS my denver life.

Today completes week one of the fitness- photo challenge!

aaaand..I’m pretty pumped with my progress!


fitness- photo challenge week 1

The pup and I are both healing nicely, the weather has been amazing ( including a mothers’ day snowstorm, a little give from above to me )


random biker on Cherry Creek Bike path

Ps… That’s not me or Scott 😉

And I’m excited to be so very motivated 🙂

Oxox. Shel

photo- fitness challenge

Last week I mentioned that my friend, Jackie, over at As my camera sees itWas starting a 12- week fitness challenge… With a twist. In case you missed… Here are the basics.

Starting today ( May 5th…. Happy cinco de mayo, btw) you set a goal for yourself. It can be small, it can be large.

It can be many goals.

State your goal here or over here and each Monday you post a picture that has something, anything to do with you goal and/or workout.

Jackie is working on getting prizes to be awarded to participating folks throughout this entire challenge.

Truly, this is a win-win. I know many of you love to take photos, we all want to be in better shape, and to have a community in which we motivate each other? Well, that’s simply awesome.

You do not need to live in Denver to participate. This is open to anyone who wants to make themselves better in the year 2014.

So, come on! Join us! The more the merrier!

Ok.. My challenge.

I actually have a few. Some I’m not sharing ( like my starting weight and measurements, plus some other silly stuff ) until later, but I have them written out and already to post.

Here we go… No going back now.

3 weeks from tomorrow is mine and Scott’s 25th wedding anniversary.

In honor of that I am challenging myself to log 527 miles in workouts between now and August 12!

I will update each Monday, as well as throughout the week with that little ticker up in the right-hand corner!

I am also going to run/walk/jog a 5k during this time and finish in under 45 minutes.

To some this sounds easy, but keep in mind, 2 months ago I was in a knee brace after ACL/ miniscus surgery!

Here’s my first photo. It’s me. Last Friday. Taking a well -deserved break while biking in Cherry Creek State Park.


me at Cherry Creek state park at beginning of challenge. 5/2/14

So please, come join us!

Join our Facebookpage.

Connect with all of us who are challenging ourselves to be even more awesome than we already are!

a lentil story..

this is a true story.  and it happened today.

I had to help a friend this morning, so I was out and about running errands; unfortunatley, my purse was not… it was at home on the counter…

classic michelle.

soo I headed home to get my purse.. debated just waiting until tomorrow to go to the store.. but I had lentils on the brain.

(doesn’t everyone?)  I-needed-to-eat-lentils-ASAP

back to the store I went….. straight to the isle with the lentils.. and headed home ( actually I made a detour, but you get the idea 😉

I set into the kitchen sans recipe.. just an idea. Lentils, spinach, goat cheese. The rest I just pieced together and I loved it!  I’m so glad that I decided to take pictures of it so that I could share it with all of you!

And here is the funny thing.. I took the last bite of my lunch and read a message from a different friend  looking for a recipe for dried lentils.

here ya go!!

Lentil-veggie bowl

1/4 cup dried lentils ( I used brown.. you could use green  but I wouldn’t recommend red for this… they might get too mushy)

1/2 -1 cup water

1 tablespoon oil of coice ( I am having a fling with coconut oil right now… I can’t  get enough of it )

1 small onion, chopped

1/2 zucchini, chopped

2 handfuls baby spinach, rough chopped

a few cherry tomatoes ( the last from the barefoot garden ;( )

Goat cheese ( omit if veganizing your diet)

Sea salt & pepper

Chopped parsley ( if desired)

In a small saucepan. place lentils & cover with 1 cup of water. (unsalted)  Bring to a boil then reduce heat , stirring occasionally until lentils  get just past the al dente stage.. usually 15-20 minutes. If the water evaporates and lentils still aren’t done, add water in 1/4 amounts until they are done. Set aside.

Heat a saute pan , add the oil & let come to a shimmer; add the zucchini and onions. season with salt and pepper. once they start to brown add the spinach and stir… ( you want the spinach to wilt here, not burn)

add maters and lentils; season with salt and pepper

 Place in serving bowl and dot with goat cheese. ( I used about 1/8 of a cup)

this is half of what it made. It was soo tasty.. and healthy!  Did you know that lentils are a veggie? yuppers!

confession… I went back for the second half…. and even cold… it was still good! Bonus…. lunch on the go 🙂

I love it when friends are in sync with each other !

Still working on the give away…. hopefully it will be ready by tonight!

ciao bellas…. eat yer veggies!!

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