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Last week I mentioned that my friend, Jackie, over at As my camera sees itWas starting a 12- week fitness challenge… With a twist. In case you missed… Here are the basics.

Starting today ( May 5th…. Happy cinco de mayo, btw) you set a goal for yourself. It can be small, it can be large.

It can be many goals.

State your goal here or over here and each Monday you post a picture that has something, anything to do with you goal and/or workout.

Jackie is working on getting prizes to be awarded to participating folks throughout this entire challenge.

Truly, this is a win-win. I know many of you love to take photos, we all want to be in better shape, and to have a community in which we motivate each other? Well, that’s simply awesome.

You do not need to live in Denver to participate. This is open to anyone who wants to make themselves better in the year 2014.

So, come on! Join us! The more the merrier!

Ok.. My challenge.

I actually have a few. Some I’m not sharing ( like my starting weight and measurements, plus some other silly stuff ) until later, but I have them written out and already to post.

Here we go… No going back now.

3 weeks from tomorrow is mine and Scott’s 25th wedding anniversary.

In honor of that I am challenging myself to log 527 miles in workouts between now and August 12!

I will update each Monday, as well as throughout the week with that little ticker up in the right-hand corner!

I am also going to run/walk/jog a 5k during this time and finish in under 45 minutes.

To some this sounds easy, but keep in mind, 2 months ago I was in a knee brace after ACL/ miniscus surgery!

Here’s my first photo. It’s me. Last Friday. Taking a well -deserved break while biking in Cherry Creek State Park.


me at Cherry Creek state park at beginning of challenge. 5/2/14

So please, come join us!

Join our Facebookpage.

Connect with all of us who are challenging ourselves to be even more awesome than we already are!

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