a VERY exciting January!!!

It HAS been very exciting!! mostly because of my new arrival……

my New sewing machine!!!!!.. She arrived this past Friday at about 2:30 pm. She weighed in at about 20 pounds and she is all that I dreamed that she would be.!!.. We are still deciding on  a name for her , so for now we will call her …I’ll get back to you…

I have the quilt top for the ‘Quilts for kids‘ that I was working on finished……

this is a great organization…… for any of you out there  if you contact them, they will send you a pre-cut kit to make your quilt.. all that you need to do is provide the batting .. and the love… They are asking that you match them by making a quilt out of your own stash, but this is because there is such a need for the quilts … so many kids….

I’ve also been working on my circle quilt….. I really don’t have a pattern…. I used a blank CD to cut out the circles… appliqued them on to whit Kona cotton squares ( trying to use up my bobbins from my old machine) …then ….at my daughter’s suggestion, filled in with co-ordinating squares….

this may look like a mess to  you, but I assure you.. this makes PERFECT sense in my head…… really!

I finished a bag for one of my closest friends….

and since I finally gave it to her, I can post this picture…..

I just love my little labels! They make me smile 😉

Last thing that I’ve done is (in trying to use up scraps) made this little square

It is going to be the front of a messenger-style purse for me…(somehow.. I just haven’t figured out how)  I made it with some of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics…….

ok… I’m off to play wii fit with my daughter.. and think of how to turn that square up there in a purse…

Happy Sunday!!!!



  1. Found your blog this morning… good stuff. :)I want your sewing machine ! This is the one I hope to get at some point in the near future. I have had 2 Viking sewing machines in the past and have been happy…but I do want an upgrade to the one I have now.Happy sewing.


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