my attempt at a classic Italian cookie….

I have been very fortunate throughout the years to have had close Italian friends who every year * smile* gave me as a gift… the classic Italian cookie… Pizzelles!!!!!

I have wanted to make these on my own for awhile…. but did not have a pizzelle maker. At the end of last year, my friend, Cheryl, lent me hers;…. I finally got around to trying to make them today.. it was interesting…

I used this recipe Italian Pizzelles

yes… to attempt this recipe you need a pizzelle maker…

I was so excited to make this! the dough came together quite well.  Then, I heated up the pizzelle iron… and attempted to make these…

so I tried again….

I  *almost* gave up….. but  I kept on trying… as my meme  ( who passed away 19 years  go today.. *miss you meme..oxxo* ) would have told me … try, try  again…


from this WHOLE recipe… I have 7  cookies.. and I am so proud of them!! what I think is even cooler… I took a few of them & rolled them while they were warm & made home made ice-cram cones!!!!

the taste of these is amazing… and when *yeah, right* I get some free time.. I will play with the recipe a bit more…. I am French & Polish by descendant. but I have always wanted to make these cookies!!

Tomorrow is my annual  ‘cookie exchange’  we have, however a possible blizzard in the works… to exchange or not to exchange? that is the question….




  1. i was wondering where my pizzelle maker went. no just kidding but i did get a good chuckle out of your first "pizzelles". once you get a good recipe let me know..


  2. LOL Thank you for sharing the trying pics. LOL



  1. […] the way mistakes, will be made and trust me…. you’ll read about them …. I assure […]


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