a very special cookie for a very special girl!

Yesterday was my annual cookie exchange.. Mother Nature gave me my long- awaited wish  of snow.. in the form of a blizzard!!

Ali & Fenway in the snow
I know that this post is being posted today, December 21. but this cookie was baked yesterday, the 20th.. and for  a very good reason…

When I was 7 months pregnant with Alison, Ryan (2 yrs old) & I  met my mom, sister and newborn niece, Alexis for lunch before  went I  to the doctor for a scheduled appointment.

The doc sent me to the hospital for some extra tests because I really wasn’t feeling well. My mom took Ryan back to her house to bake gingerbread cookies.

While waiting for my tests, I went into premature labor. They tried to stop it,  but could not. I was rushed my ambulance to a neonatal unit in Boston where they prepared us for the worst. It was the scariest night of my life.

36 hours later the contractions had stopped, but I was  in the hospital for a whole week… including Christmas…

Alison was born still early, in January, but very healthy … and she is worth every bit of what we went through…

My mom has always talked about how she & Ryan were making gingerbread men the afternoon that I called her to tell her I was being put in the ambulance… December 20, 1994…..

I’ve never made these cookies until this year..
Paula Deen’s Recipe for Gingerbread men

I did, however, use the royal icing recipe from Emeril’s sugar cookie recipe..

The gingerbread really came out nicely… really good flavor & just the perfect amount of chewiness….

That’s my baby!!!!!!

and as for the cookie exchange? It was wonderful… small, but great

 A few of my friends braved the almost 2 feet of snow, and Alison’s friends came and baked their own cookies!!!!.. My daughter- in- law, Amanda made an awesome recipe ( next post) … Altogether… a great evening!



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