A yummy twist on an expensive treat….

Alison & I make this every year for all of her friends, and she tells me that they love it.  It’s peppermint bark!! It is so easy & so tasty I am blown away at how expensive it is to buy already made in the store….

the ingredients are simple… white chocolate discs (or bark)
                                             peppermint extract
                                             red food coloring (not pictured)
                                             assorted candy canes ( broken ones work perfect) or starlight mints

first, melt the white chocolate.. I use my microwave & melt it in 40 second intervals, stirring after each one. YOu can use the double- boiler method, or my friend, Glenda uses a mini crockpot.. all methods work, just make sure that your bowl is clean 7 DRY before adding chocolate or it will seize up into an unrecoverable globbly mess.

you can melt multiple bags at a time..

when chocolate is all melted, add peppermint extract…. about 1/2 tsp per bag ( be careful, this stuff is strong).. stir well.

pour mixture onto parchment – lined cookie sheet ( or if you ran out of parchment like I did, then use aluminum foil) & spread randomly around. Have fun…. make funky shapes..

Drop random drops of red food coloring over melted chocolate & use the tip of a knife ( or a kebab stick) to swirl the color all throughout he chocolate…. I like to swirl in all different directions.

put all of the candies ( unwrapped) in a heavy zip- lock bag & crush candies with a mallet. Sprinkle candy pieces on top of chocolate ( while still melted)

Allow chocolate to chill… this is where a negative degree day is great.. I just go to my fancy deep-freezer

my porch!!!!

When fully hardened ( today it took only minutes)

 Remove from tray & break into assorted pieces…..

This is so easy & perfect for gifting. I put pieces in clear plastic bags with fancy ribbon  and voila!!

when I get around to packaging some, I’ll post a picture 🙂

now to decorate our tree …



  1. pssssttt Michelle, I made some of this but with popcorn. It is sooooo good. The recipe is on that Our Bites blog. Way easy.


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