our ‘new’ CSA

‘ morning, friends. How many of you here remember when we were part of a CSA?

CSA stands for community shared association.. Or something like that. Basically, you pay your farmer at the beginning of the season, and you and all of the other shareholders ‘ share ‘ the crops each week. It helps the farmer by getting the revenue up front, it’s a great community activity and it’s super- exciting ( like Christmas, really) to see what you receive each week!

Given that both of our grandparents were in the farming business one way or another, we really appreciate supporting them .

Whelpt, Scott and I really enjoyed it and we were walking in our neighborhood a few months ago when we saw a sign for CSA shares available.

Given that the pick – up location is 1/4 mile from our house, it was an easy sell for us.

So we mailed off our check and contract, and this past Wednesday was our first pick up

We received popcorn, beets, scallions, baby greens, baby beets, a few radishes and baby spinach . ( oops… Baby chard as well)

I sautéed the baby spinach in some olive oil, shallots, s&p and finished with a grating of Parmesan cheese. Simply amazing. ( I’m super- lucky that my kids eat things like this )

This is a bit different than our last CSA, because we used to go to the farm, but life is about making changes, so this works for us now.

Not to mention that we live a mile from an amazing twice a week farmers’ market.. annnnnd



My little veggie garden seems to be quite happy 🙂

(Buuuuut…. My planters, not so much….)



le sigh……

I stumbled upon the very first vine- ripened local beefsteak tomatoes at the farmers ‘ market yesterday .

There is NOTHING in the world like that first bite of a real. Tomato after a long winter of mealy, flavorless maters…

Of course this called for a pesto. But I didn’t want to drag out my food processor.. So I used my generic magic bullet!

I put

A handful of basil leaves ( picked from my garden ) 😁😁😁😁

About a tablespoon of roasted pine nuts

Freshly grated parm cheese( 1/4 cup, maybe?)

Juice and zest of a lemon

Olive oil ( use enough to make the consistency you want)

Good ol sea salt and fresh ground pepper

( you can add a garlic clove as well, but I liked the clean flavor of the basil, lemon and olive oil)

Blend away

Just layer mozzarella and tomatoes on a few basil leaves, top with pesto and a few shavings of Parmesan cheese


This was absolutely amazing.

I always say summer isn’t my favorite time of the year.

But this is a strong argument against that.

Keep cooking, friends!



just for fun

I thought that I would share some photos of my veggie garden…

it’s not much, but I do love it…

my morning glorys were sad this morning 😦

I have lots of weeds…  I’ve spent my life trying to get rid of them, but I’ve recently decided that they aren’t all that bad. I do pull them, but overall, if they are growing in my garden it’s because my garden is a fun place to grow!!

and drink my coffee.. just don’t sit on that bench. it will fall apart.  It’s a showpiece only 🙂

future jalapeno poppers

my Zinnias…. purple Prince &

Green Envy!!  my favorite!
and the piece de resistance

my compost bin!!!!  Those of you who know me know just how much I love composting!!

I can turn this into rich, sweet smelling compost!!

this is the fertilizer that I use..


it has a stinky smell, but works beautifully!

perhaps I should weed the walkway…..

nah.. no today.. my kitchen is calling…….


a walk to remember

It’s been awhile since I posted and I really don’t have a good excuse. Actually I have many, but none that I will bore you with 😉

Thanks to all who supported me by buying raffle tickets for the quilt to benefit my walk. The winner was Blaine Schnare .. I am currently working on the label & will ship it soon. Congratulations!!

ali &I at the end of 40 miles!

best cheerleader.. EVER!

I will be making another next year to raffle.. possibly 2, since my daughter, Alison will be walking with me as she will  finally be  old enough 🙂

Some of you may already know, but I am scheduled for a long- awaited surgery at the end of this month that will have me incapacitated for the majority of the summer. Since I do not sit still well at all, I have been busy trying to find projects to help me occupy my 6 weeks of recovery.

One of my projects is learning to English Paper Piece.

My friends at Tumbleweed Quilts have helped me get started on this process.  What a great group of  ladies!!!!
Making hexagons is something that  I believe can only be done by hand, so it is the perfect  project for me to try this summer.

Here is the beginnings of my hexagons


I found this quilt online  and the pattern is Grandmother’s flower garden.  I am trying to find what website that I found this on, but cannot. I will continue to try and in the meantime give credit to whomever made this beautiful quilt!

Given the nature of the quilt, I wanted to make mine with ‘antiquey’  types of fabrics.  The ladies at Tumbleweed Quilts assisted me in picking out circa 1930’s reproduction prints..

1930’s reproduction fabrics

With this print being the center of each flower!!

I am so excited about making this quilt. From the little bit that I have done while learning using my stash, I can tell you that these are VERY addicting.

I have other projects planned as well & will keep up to date with my progress on my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading & stayed tuned for my very next project… decorating my crutches.. I get them tomorrow.

(you didn’t think that I would have boring crutches, did you? )


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