friday/ saturday smiles

I started this post on friday, but life got away from me.

so here ya go..

happy friday, friends.

this will be an abbreviated version of friday smiles.

1~ I’ve had a bit of a rough week over all, and am beyond grateful for those who reached out to me in one from or another. It’s really made me special and loved.

so YOU.. you are making me smile this week. and thank you immensely for that ❤

I love that I have friends all over the country who really know me so well 🙂

when I was in YTT we discussed the ‘ inner connection cord’ that yo have with certain people. Like when you are thinking about them and then they call or email out of the blue ? 

yeah.. I really like that 🙂

2~ Fenway’s pet squirrels.

yup. it’s true. we have a family of squirrels that live in the most amazing tree in the back yard.

and they taunt Fenway.  And Fenway taunts them. for hours.

the squirrels will chirp down to her, run halfway down the tree, then she will try to ‘ jump’, and they will bolt back up the tree, then come down on the other side, where she will run, and they will chirp and run back up the tree

they do this for HOURS



have I mentioned that these are naughty squirrels?


3~ my mistakes..on my facebook page I set up a little food challenge… and quinoa was one of my ingredients ( and fave foods, btw)

so I got my recipe all prepped for a quinoa salad, cook the quinoa


discovered it was millet .

Why do I have millet? I haven’t a clue.

So as soon as I’m dine with this post, I’m hopping on my bike ( remind me to show you a picture of this beauty) and getting me some quinoa so I can share my recipes.

5~ this video

<iframe src=”; width=”1280″ height=”720″ frameborder=”0″>

I came across it yesterday when I was looking for something else.  It made me smile

my 14 seconds of fame 🙂

AND.. my BIGGEST smile comes from a west- bound plane tonight that is bringing a very special girl to me 🙂

SQUEALL!!!  it’s been almost 4 weeks, and I miss her. I’ll have 6 short days with her until I drop her off for her freshman year of college.


she looks ready, doncha think?


happy weekend friends!

friday smiles and a few random thoughts

happy friday, friends!

the last two Fridays I have posted ‘friday smiles’.. just a few things that are making me smile each week

and I like this idea, and if it’s ok with you, I’d like to continue it.

but before I begin, I just want to through something out there.

an old friend recently said to me after I eluded to something personal that I am dealing with, ” wow, and I was under the impression that you had the perfect life”

which really got me to thinking… yes, if you were to just read what I write about, I make it all sound pretty good.

because with words, I can do that 😉

But there is an awful lot that I do not write about, because this is my happy place 🙂 here with my new friends ( and that number is growing thanks to all of you who share my recipes and blog with your friends.

here’s a few of the things that I’ve held back from writing about …

the pigeons.

yes, pigeons.

we have Homing Pigeons that have made our roof their home. ( thus the name homing pigeons.. duh.. now I get it 😉

the wall that is right behind our bed is angled and the birds live right above. And they sound like they are right there.

We would actually think that they were in the attic if we haven’t already had 2 companies come out to verify what the issue is.

we’ve spent $600 in netting to try to keep them from getting on the roof, but they ate through it

and our house looks like Charlottte’s web 😦

with pigeons.

Next… Scott’s obsession with the streetlights.

yup, that’s what I said. It’s driving me insane.

We live about 3 miles from his office and I drive him to and from work every day ( still sharing a car for a few more days..more on that to come )

and the streetlights are timed so that if you drive the speed limit ( which I do around here, ever since I got one of those camera tickets, ugh! ) the streetlights cooperate and turn green.

and when they don’t, Scott has to point out




which is probably not a bad thing, but at 6 in the morning, when I am in my jammies and still trying to wake up, I don’t need to hear about them

and I’ve told him that.

his response?

“Look! it’s turning green”


of course there are other, much bigger things going on, but you get the point.

my life is any thing but unicorns and rainbows, I just try to take little things from each day tot ry to overshadow some of the not so nice things that I am dealing with

so onto friday smiles


peaches.  I had no idea.  I was at the store the other day, buying peaches, and the cashier asked me if I had tried this certain peach. She went on to tell me how wonderful they are, how her family lives right by the orchard and if I’m new to Colorado, then I simply MUST try one. in fact, she proceeded to buy me one!

( of course I forgot the name of it.. sigh… but I need to go back to thank her, so I will note the name ( and buy some for myself 😉





drinking my morning tea from my great-grandmother’s tea cup. As well as my pretty placemat

When we were preparing for the move I went through many boxes and weeded things out. One of my boxes was from my high school years ( the CT ones, not the Cape Cod ones) and nestled inside a keepsake box was this teacup.

I decided that it was coming of storage to be used with fond memories of a little old woman who let me sit at her Organ and attempt to play a song.

seems like a lifetime ago…



guilty pleasure.

I have been DVRing Gilmore Girls form ABC family and watching an episode a day. It makes an otherwise very long day, just a little bit bearable.

I want to live in Stars Hollow.

No really.

Think of all the people to talk to there!

perhaps in my next life?


I made a trip to Sephora this week.

true story, when I was younger I was OBSESSED with make up.  In fact, i once had a boyfriend who broke up with me because of it

silly boy.


seriously, don’t these glittery shadows look sooo purty?



and lastly….. the view form my new orthopedic’s office



it almost makes having an injured leg poked at and probed.


almost 😉


happy weeknd!


fun recipe up tomorrow!

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