What a long, strange trip it’s been…

It has been a strange few weeks… How much quilting have I done? zero.. My blooming nine-patch is at least pinned.. with the help of Fenway
my big helper….

I had the pleasure of having a girls’ weekend in NH with a dear friend & our children where she took me took the largest quilting store in NE~ Keepsake Quilting

I was a tad over-excited…..

I have also been working on my daughter & her friends’ halloween costumes.. Hershey’s kisses’

My daughter (who has not had Any interest in sewing) made my  YEAR by asking me if she could sew the headbands for their costumes.. She & her friend both used a sewing machine for the first time

                                                  PROUD MAMA 😉 !!!!!!

I’ve also been VERY busy with making a memory video out of photos for a dear friend who tragically lost her brother recently.. so  so sad… and wrong. Let your loved ones know that you loved them, because you never know what could happen in the next minute….

I spent some time on this rainy Saturday, ( while the dvds were burning) making this little girls’  hat..

My hope is to put it on ETSY as well. I think that I can customize the sizes so the the top has that super- cute-slouchy look…

I was hoping to have an actual head to try in on, but my 14-yr old chose not to be my model.

Go figure?

hugs to all…




Pictures from Tumbleweed Quilts

These are the pictures that Mary took in the shop yesterday…
If you scroll down & click on the Tumbletalk  link you can get a closer view of the pictures
just click ‘more quilts’ in blog archives October… it’s on the right

Don’t mind my goofy smile….

Scrap Quilt for Fenway

My boxer pup, Fenway has 1 chair that she sits in. ( she isn’t supposed to, but we all know that she does when we are not looking)

So I decided to hit my stash to whip her up a quilt of her own to cover the chair with ( not to mention the fact that when I am sewing, she lays all over everything that I am working on.)..
I’m liking the top so much that I am having second thoughts….. maybe she needs something simpler?

Blooming Nine-Patch

Quilt that I made to Raffle for my 2009 Breast Cancer walk


wall hanging for my mom


A girls’ Quilt that I made for Quilts for Kids.. I believe this went to Boston Children’s Hospital

Scrap quilt that I made for ”Quilts for kids’ http://www.quiltsforkids.org/

My goal is to make at least 2 quilts for them each year…

My Amy Butler quilt. I L*O*V*E* it! I’m like a kid taking it with me from the couch to bed..


This picture show more of the true colors…… I absolutely love everything about this quilt….


Blooming nine- patch

Wow, my first blog ever…

here is the quilt top for a quilt that I have been working on for nearly 2 years. It is for Mine & my husband’s bed.
Although I do love it, I am debating whether or not to change the second fabric from the center, the one with the darker blue, It just doesn’t seem to flow…
My husband says I’m nuts, he’s afraid that I might ruin all of my hard work.
I’m just afraid that I’ll spend the next 30 years telling myself that I should have changed it when I could…..
we’ll see…
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