Scrap Quilt for Fenway

My boxer pup, Fenway has 1 chair that she sits in. ( she isn’t supposed to, but we all know that she does when we are not looking)

So I decided to hit my stash to whip her up a quilt of her own to cover the chair with ( not to mention the fact that when I am sewing, she lays all over everything that I am working on.)..
I’m liking the top so much that I am having second thoughts….. maybe she needs something simpler?


  1. Just found your blog and thought I'd say hi. I love your Quilts for Kids quilt. I don't know much about that organization, but I'll check it out. I make quilts for Project Linus'


  2. Hi!! Thank you!! I've checked out Project Linus.. another great organization! I may have to make a quilt for them as well. Thanks for visiting!~michelle


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