smoked tofu tacos with chipotle lime sauce

Howdy, friends. How have you all been ? Miss me much?   I’m happy to report that I’m successfully recuperting from knee surgery. It’s been difficult having restrictions, but I’ve done everything that I was supposed to, and although I’m still in rehab ( and will be for awhile) I can do just about anything ( with restrictions)     but not ski   until the FALL!


  And believe it or not, the day I got my brace off, guess who was diagnosed with a torn ACL and lateral miniscus?     Image     My sweet pup.   She he had her surgery on Friday and is home recuperating, just like her mama did  image     She’s such a little copycat!

I’ve been cooking a lot again.  Trying to cook healthy meals.

and I’ve been sharing them with my friends   and out of the blue, it hit me today , duh? Why am I not writing about all of this?

My mama taught me that it’s nice to share, and I should share more.

So here’s what I made today smoked tofu I didn’t have a recipe, I just had an idea   I already had had my grill set up for smoking a pork shoulder so I thought, why not use the extra space  for smoking something else?   image     I pressed the the water out of a block of tofu, then broke it up  in an oven safe dish and placed it on the grill. I “scrambled” the tofu about once every 20 minutes and after 1 1/2 hours, I had this !


which I turned into this!


I simply used a very low flame to toasted a corn tortilla

IMG_3822then I topped with a red cabbage slaw that I made using the homemade vegan mayo recipe that I found last week ( and Im overly impressed by this )


Im a mayo snob, and I was so impressed by this that I will never buy mayo again.  Plus, since its vegan, it has no cholesterol, which makes it healthier for those who have to monitor that.

And the white sauce is non fat Greek yogurt with chili powder and cumin and lime juice mixed in


If you think you don’t like tofu, you probably haven’t had it prepared properly.

This was AMAZING! and super healthy!

If you don’t have a smoker, you can easily soak some wood chips in water for an hour, then add the chips and a little bit of the water in a small foil packet and place on your grill ( heated to a low temp.. 250degrees max) and cover the lid on the grill and the smoke will circulate and create the fantastic smokey flavor.

whelp, friends… I have a certain someone that needs a little love…  but I’ll be back.  up next is a tasty casserole featuring this bad boy IMG_3829

ciao, bellas!


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