not grown up

at all.


In my last post I eluded the I was a 7 year-old at heart. Ryan actually disagreed with me informing me that I am actually 6. This was clear yesterday morning when i saw a piece on the news that showed that Santa had taken his reindeer for a quick spin around the North Pole and then went back to help the elves finish up their business.

This is it, the biggest night in a child’s year, Christmas Eve!


I spent some time earlier this week cleaning my bedroom. When the room was clean & the bags of outgrown clothes were ready to be donated, I looked around my room & realized something…

my room is full of toys. At 40 years old, I still have many toys in my bedroom.

my beloved authentic framed Springsteen poster

a framed winnie the pooh card that a dear friend gave me when I moved many years ago

my wonder woman figurine collection ( each Year Scott germs me something Wonder Woman.. he thinks I’m wonder woman)


last year I opened this .. I’ve heard stories of how he fought for this on Ebay…

there is my collection of special stuffed animals….

my Cinderella band-aide camera

*a few years ago I had a dream that I was hanging out in bleachers above New Bedford & wanted to take a picture of the rooftops, but I was afraid to lose my good camera so I pulled out my ‘Cinderella band aid camera’*

Scott & Ali decided to actually make me one , and somehow Santa found it & put it in the toe of my stocking…


Could I even make this stuff up??

Now you may be wondering, poor Scott….. until you look at his collections..

one of my Pepe’s many boats that he built

His space Shuttle figurine that topped his 40th birthday cake

his Chewbacca figurine ( he is not only a huge Star Wars fan, but we had a wonderful Affenpincher named Chewy… )

my Polar Express toys…

because it’s my very favorite book in the whole wide world…..


and I get to read it tonight!!

so when I tell you that I would squeal in excitement if Santa put a barbie in my stocking tonight  or that I really am hoping to find this under my tree in the morning, I would not be fibbing even my one little bit.


I’m never going to grow up. And I’m ok with that 😉


So, Merry Christmas, my friends…. I hope that you find the magic of Christmas within yourselves tonight & for the rest of your lives…

I believe… do you?


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