Peanut butter fudge

make that EASY peanut butter fudge………  Here is yet another recipe from my ancient recipe box…. this one hand written by someone other than me… kudos to whomever that may be…

This was a quick-make recipe that I was able to do in the midst of 7,000 other holiday things ( I’m sure you can all imagine what that must feel like)

Anyway, it whipped up quickly, thanks to Mother Nature’s frigid temperatures, I was able to quick chill them on my porch, and just like magic….


Here we go!

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup milk ( I used 1 % because that’s what I  had, the recipe doesn’t clarify what kind)

1 1/3 cup Peanut Butter ( which is the majority of a 16- ounce container of PB)

7-Ounce Marshmallow cream (which I don’t think I have ever purchased in my life and haven’t had it since 1955, so imagine my surprise when I not only FOUND it in the store, but I found a 7 ounce container!! it’s the little things 😉 )

a long spoon

Chocolate chips

Optional: nuts

In a saucepan, bring sugar & milk to a boil; boil for 3 minutes. ( I watched it carefully ; stirring)

Add peanut butter & marshmallow. Mix well (it will get easier after a few minutes as both ingredients begin to melt)

see… I promised!

*the recipe’s directions do not mention what to do with the nuts. I imagine you can either stir them in to the mixture*


Quickly pour into a buttered, cooking spray or parchment-lined pan and sprinkle the to with nuts, pressing gently so that the nuts set in.

( I used parchment…it was very easy to lift the parchment out so that cutting way easy)

Chill until set.

While fudge is chilling, add chocolate chips to remaining peanut butter container, stir with spoon & EAT!

after all…you need your protein…… this is a busy time of year, and I certainly wouldn’t want yo to get run down 😉

when fudge is chilled, cut into squares & enjoy!

this is a hit here at Casa Hagg…. although Alison keeps hinting as to when will I make chocolate fudge…..

I’m getting there…

Exciting day here today…. I have cookie-baking company  🙂

AND…. it’s Farkle’s birthday!!!!

happy birthday to our favorite resident Elf….

looks like he had a bit too much egg nog last night……



  1. haahahaha oh that Farkle is up to no good! I guess he gets away with it today, it being his birthday and all.


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