an a*maze*ing race

Saturday afternoon, Scott & I packed the kids in the car ( iPods in tow, c’mon, they’re  teenagers) … and set out on an almost 2 hour ride, to spend a ridiculous amount of money ….all in the effort to get lost.

On purpose.

For real.

We set out for Davis\’ Farmland Mega Maze, where we have been going annually for a few years now.

The entire corn maze is 8 acres large with over 3 miles of twisting & turning paths throughout. There are 10 bridges, ( not always easy to get to) rubbing stamps, trivia questions, gaming stations & much more hidden throughout the maze.

This is no ordinary corn maze….

The Mega Maze is  designed in England by a leading maze designer, Mr. Fisher, who holds 7 Guinness World Records in maze design.

Click here for an aerial view of the 2010 maze

Each year there is a different theme, this years’ was ‘Survivor”

Upon being let into the maze, you are given a ‘field guide’ which states the basic safety rules & the different levels that you can ‘experience’ the maze.

We chose this year to find all of the bridges & get the coordinating stamps & find the 6 ‘immunity rub-ons’ hidden on various places.

Each year we divide into teams of two ( always changing, this year it was Ali & I against the boys) then we disappear into the maze.

(Ali & I wore our RAINBOOTS, in hopes of some good mud puddles post-rain.. but the field was nice & dry )


the boys trying to figure a path to takeWe found one of the bridges… STAMP!!!

Here’s  Scott right below up trying to figure the maze out. Even though he is right there he is actually about 1/4 mile away from us.. maze-wize

Each time we thought we had it figured out..

another dead end.

it’s very deceiving!!! and more FUN that you could ever imagine!!!!When we finally all met at the exit, we determined a tie, as neither team found everything that we agreed upon, but together, we got them all! ( and we were getting hungry)

Now here is where I should go into detail on  the wonderful early dinner that we enjoyed, but sadly, that’s not the way it played out.

We did stop at a restaurant that we have eaten at before and I ordered the sliders ( I had a strange craving for a cute little juicy burger)

Scott & the kids’ meals were great, but mine were two little wanna be hockey pucks that looked liked they came out of McDonald’s french fry warmer.

From last Wednesday.

I ended up sending them back ( something that I never do) but seriously, they were inedible.

Luckily, the salad that I had already eaten was enough to take the hunger pangs away, and at that point, I really didn’t want anything else from that kitchen.

So I sipped on my wine while they ate.

Then shared all of their desserts 😉

Salad +wine+dessert= a well-balanced meal.

at least in barefootgirlworld :)….


and stay tuned to the upcoming Bruin’s games.. something tells me that you just might see that exact lil’ slider that they tried to serve me for dinner slipping along the ice ;)…..

it was a VERY busy weekend, so not a whole lot of cooking going on , but I’ll make it up soon.. I promise 😉


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