Sad Day at Casa Hagg

Yesterday I had some beautiful tomatoes & garlic & onions… all ready to slow roast for a pasta dish …

mmm… yummy, eh?  I put them in the oven on 250 to roast for an hour… then they were going to have a party with some farfalle pasta & some Parmesan cheese ..

I was a roastin’ away and enjoying that wonderful smell when all of a sudden, it started to smell a little bit like a burnt smell.

What? the oven is only on 250?? So I went to open the oven & it’s locked. And hot. Very hot. Very VERY hot. What? So I turned the oven off & waited for it to cool. And called Scott. And the appliance repair dude.

After about an hour, the oven is still hot.. and I realized that the broiler was on. With the oven door locked , the power off AND the maters & onions & garlic still in there.

The appliance guy called back & walked me through shutting the power off from the breaker.

SO now.. no oven, no stove.

I was forced to grill the only thing that I had defrosted in the fridge for dinner.. a butterflied leg of lamb that was meant for an upcoming special occasion…  On a Wednesday night.

 I made a paste of chopped garlic, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, salt & pepper & massaged it in & let sit at room temp for about 45 minutes before grilling. I grilled it to an internal temp of 145 then let it rest.

I don’t eat lamb anymore, but Ryan said that it was out of this world fantastic.

I also grilled some bacon ( indirect heat) for some BLT sandwiches for me.

And of course, some squash. Lots & Lots of squash.

So the stove FINALLY cooled down, hours later,  we turned the breaker back on, now there is no power to the oven. ( the stove- top is working)

I should be thankful for that 😉

So CJ, our trusty appliance guy came over this morning and managed to get the door open to discover this

basically, dust…. formerly farm-fresh tomatoes…

to which Ryan said, ” mmm, mom. good eats.. now that’s some home cookin’!!”

CJ said that the control panel is gone 😦 to the tune of at LEAST couple hundred bucks ( if in fact that is the problem 😦

The oven had put itself into self- cleaning mode all on it’s very own

So I am now without a stove. This is hard for me.. I’m almost hyper-ventilating….

How am I to make Scott’s birthday cake??

How am I to…

How am I to…

How am I to… *calm down, Michelle*

I was planning to bake up a ton of zucchini bread

  do you think that I can bake a cake on the grill??

*snif*  what’s a girl to do??


  1. Oh, those poor tomatoes and onions! And my poor Michelle!hmmmm, I BET you could bake a cake on a grill, as long as you kept the temp pretty constant and the lid closed. I dare you to try!


  2. Oh, Christina… a dare??? I will have try it at some point, just for you 🙂


  3. You can bake a cake in the crockpot. *grin*


  4. Breezy, I had thought of that but I had a pork roast in there already ;(


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