Week 3

Week 3 of our CSA was a bit different for us. I was not able to go due my recent leg surgery, so Scott & Ali went without me 😦

Although I really did miss going, I think hat the two of them going on their own was a great experience for
the two of them!

Scott picking the peas..

Here is what we received week 3..

And here I am after hobbling from my new home, the couch, to explore our bounty

with Ali’s help, or course!

She & I sat on the couch & shelled the peas together.. Scott steamed them & served them with a little bit of unsalted butter & salt & pepper… delicious!

The swiss chard was rainbow chard.. so many colors!! Scott sauted it with olive oil, salt & pepper & some chopped onion ( are you noticing a pattern here?)

Again, tasty AND colorful!

With all of the lettuce that we received, I tried to think out of the box as to how to utilize it.;  I spent some time researching & came up with Emeril’s lettuce soup.

I agree, at first it sounded a bit strange, but I as I read the recipe , I thought that it reminded me of any cream-type soup, so I gave it a try.

WOW!! it was so light & flavorful ( not to mention healthy!) I’ve made it a few times now, although I have added 1 chopped jalapeno pepper to the recipe for just a little kick.

I’m still a week behind in my blogging, and have promised more recipes. I am starting to feel a little bit better ( depending on the day) , so as I work my way back into my kitchen, I will have more yummy recipes ( and pictures ) to post…


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