One of the many things that Scott & I were excited about with joining the CSA was trying foods that were new to us. Last week we had the garlic scapes & kohlrabi… this week we had escarole!

I forgot to take a picture of how beautiful the 2 heads of escarole were before I cooked them. I’m hoping for more in this week’s share so that I can add a picture.

Escarole looks a little bit like leaf  lettuce ( in my opinion) but Debra from Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm
told us that it can be bitter.

A friend of a friend of mine told me that I just HAD to make escarole & beans!

I spent awhile researching recipes & reading reviews & chose this one here from

Escarole & Beans

I was a little wigged out about not draining the cannellini beans.. I actually almost used another recipe because of that, but I’m so glad that I chose this one.   WOW!  This was amazing!

The bread here was from the CSA as well
The Artisan Kitchen

Ingredients :

King Arthur Flour
Grain Mix (rolled oats, flaxseed, cracked wheat, rye flakes, steel (can’t read the word), millet, sesame seeds barley)
Whole wheat flour
Durum Flour
Seed mix ( flaxseed,sunflower seeds, millet)

One bite of this bread assures me that I could NEVER eat low carb.  I lightly grilled a few slices with a bit of olive oil then spread a thin layer of goat cheese. Yum!!


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