The Grandfather of Christmas Cookies…

 Today is is big sugar cookie day!!  Making sugar cookies is a commitment due to all of the steps, but when you have many elves like I did today…. it’s no so bad 🙂

my helpers are my daughter, Alison, my daughter-in-law, Amanda, and my favorite 5-year old, my Leah!!

 We used
Emeril’s Recipe for sugar cookies for both the cookie & the icing

again.. simple ingredients turn into an awesome cookie… The salt isn’t in the picture.. I don’t know why.

and would you just look at the trouble that Farkle got himself into….

making the dough is serious business….

 so is making sure that nothing goes to waste!!

Ali rolling out the sugar dough sometime in the late 90’s!!!!!

we finally got to the fun part… decorating

  and sneaking tastes…..

just look at the creations that we made!!!




I have made Sugar cookies for years… and ATTEMPTED royal icing before.. this recipe is 5-star…. simply amazing……

and after a long cookie day…..

so sorry, Erika…. you know, about her sugar high…..

thank you for letting her join my family today!!!


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