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Part of my New Years’ resolutions was to organize my sewing room.  My neighbor came over right before Christmas and we some how ended up in my sewing room and she said, ” wow that is bad”. And she was right.  I could not even find the floor.



I have spent many hours cleaning and organizing this room.  At one point I showed Scott the closet and he responded, ” wait, you built shelves?” Then quickly said, ” no way, they were here all along? ”


yeah. It was bad.


Anyhoooo…  I’ve made a lot of progress ( which is good, because I’m still working on Christmas presents for a few people, and the nicer space makes it fast more enjoyable)


for years I have been looking for a creative way to display my thread.  I had a wooden rack, but it was pretty cheesy and would often fall and I’d have thread rolling all over the place and not so nice words coming out of my mouth.


I was at Joanns the other day and saw this garden thingy-ma-bobber.  I picked it up and quickly put it back down when I saw the $70 price tag.  Say whaaaaaaaat??



Later  that night I had a brilliant idea. I jumped online the next day and it was 50% of. I ran down to the store, and bought it. I also had an additional 20% off Presidents’ Day weekend coupon, bringing it to $30.



Friends, I fell in love. I went back and bought another and Scott hung them for me this morning.  while I wasn’t planning on spending $60, I’m so happy that I did.   Thread is not cheap, and it’s really nice to have it on display.
Sewing room



It makes me smile 🙂 Sewing room

Ciao, bellas xoxox

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