a is for apple

b is for butter.

Put them together & you have

apple butter !

Actually, apple butter does not contain any butter.  I also have never tried it.

so what would possess me to attempt to make it?

The fact that we went apple picking this past weekend.

I thought this apple was a little bit funny 🙂

there was not any cider-making going on. Somehow the soda can in front of the apple press seems so wrong…..

We have gone to the same orchard for years…  Jason, Scott & Ali..

Jason, skinny michelle & baby Ry….

this is the first time that  there wasn’t any cider.  I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the recession, or if we were just too early ..

we were sad 😦

So.. back to the apple butter

I decided to make it mostly because  everyone expected me to bake a pie.

I’m a rebel 😉

Also, I’ve been on a canning kick, ( never too soon to think about the upcoming gift-giving season) so when I found a recipe that someone had commented that the canned it.. I was all in!

All Day Apple Butter

I made a slight change to the recipe ( don’t I always?) I don’t like things overly sweet, so I cut the sugar down to 1 cup & added 1 1/2 cup brown sugar.

first  I peeled the apples

then I  inserted my super-cool new corer into the center.

why is so super-cool?

because when you pull out the core, you press the lever & the core pops right out!

cool, eh?

ya know you want one 😉

chop up dem apples

mix them all up with the spices & sugars..

and cook.

and cook.

and enjoy how wonderful your house smells

♬♬♬♬ all. day. long.♬♬♬♬♬

The apples did break down over time, but I found that I  had to use my trusty immersion blender to get the smooth texture that I was looking for.



I canned most of the apple butter ( I had to save some for us to have on the chilly fall mornings..)

this was a great recipe !

on a funny note.. here is a shot that I took trying to feature the butter all processed

can you tell that we skipped mowing the lawn in favor of apple picking?

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