I like LOVE oatmeal.  Like really, really love oatmeal.  So much in fact, that if I could MARRY oatmeal, we’d have been to Vegas YEARS ago!

And the best part…. it is SO good for you!!I’ve been hearing about ‘overnight oats’ for awhile now, but it took me until last month to google it to see exactly what they are…

I’m so glad that I did… I need up finding   Kath eats real food.  Kerf for short.  Not only is she an inspiration for her weight loss story, but her blog is very informative!!!!

So what did I learn there? All about overnight oats  😉

They are basically a oatmeal that you don’t cook!  You start by mixing your oatmeal with whatever liquid that you like the night before you want to eat them …

you can use any kind of oatmeal, but for me, I think that these are my Favorite!!!!

I mix 1/3 of a cup of TJ’s quick steel cut oats with 2/3 cup fat free milk.. I mix it in my cute little rubbermaid container, ( with the top on) give it a little shakey-shake and put in  them in the fridge and head off to sleep.


In the morning, take the oatmeal from it’s cute container and that is your base for your oatmeal. The oats will have absorbed the liquid & are now ready to be topped with endless varieties!

I start by defrosting some frozen raspberries

then add the oats, milk & all

I topped it with a little bit of  ♥almond butter ♥ ( you could use peanut butter, but if you have the opportunity, & you like almonds, try the almond butter 🙂

This time of year, I am enjoying it cold, but if you prefer it warm, just warm it in the microwave!

This was yesterday’s breakfast..

This morning I topped my awesome oats with

Coconut butter!!

This is a new product to me. It is SOO cool.. It is stored at room temperature, & is the consistency of melted peanut butter but when it gets cold (like when added to my overnight oats) It gets a sort of ‘shell’ like the chocolate shell on an ice cream cone!! It is sooo tasty!! A bit on the pricey side, but I’ve been looking into a way to make it at home, making it far more affordable.

I also have my standard raspberries, 1/2 of a banana, a bit of almond butter & a sprinklin’ of slivered almonds

YUM!!  if you look closely you can see how the amazing coconut butter has hardened 😉

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

♥♥♥♥overnight oats♥♥♥♥


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