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forgive me.. when I moved the blog over to the new server, this post did not move with the rest because I posted it during the move. So I am re typing it just so that I have it.. because I kinda like the food truck analogy… especially since I ate at one for the first time this week 😉 more on that soon!

So I am able to re-type it ( I have the draft on my phone) but I am unable to move the sweet comments that you all made 😦

that’s ok.. I will remember how much I was loved 🙂

re-posted from 10/23/2012

service with a smile?

it has come to my attention that I have actually been missed.

this makes me happy to feel so loved. Life is a bit of a whirlwind right now and support, wherever I can get it is greatly appreciated.

I want to point out that I have been doing a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff here at barefoot… I’m liking the way that the blog is looking, but the ‘inside the computer confusing internet stuff’ has me more than confuzzled.

let me try to explain. Picture that you are at a food truck. and you have a sandwich a really GREAT looking sandwich. buuut… It doesn’t really taste that good. I mean, you want it to taste good, but in reality it looks much better than it tastes.


kind of a let down.. ya think?


But over at the next food truck… the sandwoch doesn;t LOOK  quite as nice… I mean, it looks pretty good but not mouth watering to look at. But when you taste it. OH MY GOD when you taste it, it is out of this world!!

BUT!… there is more!  you can add all sorts of toppings! to it.. side dishes! pickles, chips, salads, dessert…. the posibilites are endless!


it takes someone to take a chance and try that second sandwich  to see that it really is THAT good.


Have I lost you? sorry.


Back in high school , one of my best friends and I used to sometimes ‘treat’ ourselves to one of those delicious looking brownies covered with frosting.


they looked yummy.


and it was a great experience.


until 30 minutes later when your stomach realized what you had put in there and immediately hated you  and let you know just how horrid it actually was. We used to say the brownie had ‘landed’.


we nicknamed them ‘landing squares’.. because once they hit your stomach, it was all over.


where the heck was I going with this? oh.. yeah..


I like the blog the way that it is.. but there is so much more that I want to do with it.  this si much more than a blog to me, this is me sharing,  an extension of myself.. my life.

and my life is getting crazier by the day. and it will only be crazier as time goes on..  I am always learning and love to share things with you… my friends 🙂


so even thought I have not been posting, I have been setting up my food truck.. and although a nice looking food truck with ok food is the norm, I’m not normal.


at. all.


I’m working really hard on an ok food truck with tons of sides and knock your socks off flavor!



maybe I should just stick to soup instead?


lots of fun posts coming up.. I promise.  I have tons of pictures  and recipes for you.. and a really fun home made give away.. if I can just get my engine in my truck all souped up and running…


oxoxo  thanks for standing by me




behind the scenes…..

I woke with every intention of sharing 3 watermelon recipes with y’all……  oops..

you know what they say about the best laid plans….  I have however been working behind the scenes




and truthfully, I feel possibly even further behind then when I woke.

There are many things that I like about my blog, but there are also things that I cannot do here and really want to be able to. I plan on being very dedicated to this and if I can’t do everything that i envisioned here, then I need to find somewhere else.

This is where I am lost..  I did purchase my own domaine ( Greek to you.. I know TRUST me me too 😦 ) .. but there is soo much more to know.

where is my magic blog fairy to come set this all up for me so that I can cook and quilt and sew and share…..

I’m not giving up.. I”m just a tad fried right now.

Brushing my teeth today would have been  over-rated.. right? Right.

There’s always tomorrow….. where I pinky promise your watermelon dishes 🙂

ciao bellas!

*why yes, a glass of wine sounds lively right now 🙂 thank you very much!*

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