vacation recap


hello, friends!


If you are friends with me on Facebook   Or Instagram  then you know that I’ve travelled more than normal this summer.  We recently went on a cruise that was planned rather last minute.

Scott and Ali planned it and I honestly knew none of the details. Which was kind of cool!


Since we planned the trip so late, Scott told us that he couldn’t get 4 seats next to each other on the plane, so he had to buy 1 first class ticket and 3 coach.  We played board games every week and kept score to see which one of us would ‘win’ the first class seat. Ali won!

Side note.. This is our favorite game

as we were boarding the plane, Scott handed each of us our ticket. He used miles from work travel to book all of us in first class!  Wow.  It was amazing!




I could totally get used to this!



The view from the plane as we approached San Juan



The next morning, Scott and Ryan toured an old fort while Ali and I hung out at the hotel.  We boarded the ship around noon.


Our home for the next week.

As we headed to our stateroom, this was the chosen featured artwork in our halI was convinced that this guy was going to come alive at night.  I checked each and every time we walked by him. Trust me, he didn’t move.  By the end of the trip we were buds. He was my homeboy. We were tight. Rock on, buddy.. Rock on.




our first port of call was st. Maarten.

we participated in an America’s cup race.



Everyone on our tour was divided up into 2 groups with 3 crew members on each boat.  We were each given a specific job to do and the crew members directly us.  Ali was our captain!  I was primary winch.  I’ve never been on a sailboat before. It was hard work!





imageYes.. That’s a hockey stick ☺️





We ended with rum punch!


The next day we wen to st. Kitts. I chose our excursion here. Stand up paddleboarding!  I’ve been  dying to try this!  Ali and stood on one last summer at the river fest downtown, but this was my first time doing it for real.  I’m hooked!  It was so much fun!  I fell a few times, but that’s ok.  It was really windy in the cove and therefore it was wavy and challenging.


I don’t have photos of us actually doing it, but this is where we were{



could this be more beautiful?

Our guide was from Denver! Small world.


After paddleboarding the rest of the fam went snorkeling.





For or whatever reason, I felt claustrophobic when I put my snorkel gear on so I opted for this



When they were done snorkeling there was more rum punch!




in Antigua we did a cameraman ride and Ali and Scott did some more snorkeling



We we had some Boston folks on our boat, so it was cool to tall Boston stuff.

And ended with rum punch!





In in st Lucia we boarded a pirate-themed spanish galleon and sailed out to volcanos ans volcanic mud baths


We didn’t take  pic of the boat, but I found one of the boat we were  on that World Wide Web thing.



After ali and I coated ourselves in mud and soaked in super hot natural spring water, we had a buffet lunch , then boarded boat and began to sail back.  We stopped about halfway back for a swim


With noodles! (I’m not a strong swimmer, so I was thrilled with the noodles)


we headed back to the ship listening to reggae and yet again, more rum punch!


(Notice a theme here? 😎)


in barbados we just walked off the ship and did a tiny bit of shopping.


it is SO much fun hanging out with your adult children!


I’ll leave you with random photos in no particular order








Peace out, my friends!



Next up.. Homemade ramen!


  1. What a fun trip and gorgeous pictures. I would love to travel with you and your “theme” trips – rum punch 🙂 This was a delightful read. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


  2. I DID STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING FOR THE FIRST TIME, TOO… At the same time you were on vacation !!!! Even distanced, we still have sisterl chemistry!!!!


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