Is very important to me. It’s how I communicate. It’s how I show my love.

I’m a better person when I’m creating

Although it’s the summer and there’s plenty of things outside to do ( some
I’ve done already, some I’m gearing up to do ) I’ve been spending time with my sewing machine

The hum of that baby smoothes out all of the Commotion of everyday life’s trials and tribulations.

( feeling like a princess since I have central air conditioning for the first time in my life doesn’t hurt either 😉)

Often times when I’m working on a gift, I cannot share it here because it’s a gift for Someone who might be reading and I love surprising people

And although I am working on one of those secret gifts now ( hmmm… I have you wondering.. Right?)

I’m also starting one for my college girl, and she and I picked the fabrics this weekend, so here’s a project that I can share progress with you

So here ya go folks,

My girls’ future quilt



  1. Love the colors. Can’t wait to see the progress.



  1. […] on Saturday. Usually I just steam them, but after seeing the mint in my yard, I started to get all creative and […]


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