third time’s a charm?



as I mentioned in my previous post, I did something to the technological end of the blog, and many of you have reported that you are not able to see the photos. ( although I am able to see pictures even when Im not signed in on another device)


I also know from my end that I am not able to click on any imbedded links that I’ve added.


I’m baffled.


So, as a first measure, I’ve posted this picture in a brand new post as well as this link to True food kitchen


I’m wondering 3 things, if y’all don’t mind helping me out before I make anymore changes.


1~ were you able to se the picture in the original Spaghetti squash post

2~ Can you see the picture of the final dish in this post

3~ if you click on the link, does it take you to the website


I apologize for the inconvience, I just need to know where to start to fix the issues and if y’all could answer these questions for me, it should be able to go forward with some really fun Spring~ inspired recipes




  1. I saw both pictures. I clicked on the link and nothing happened, but the recipe was directly under the link, so no problem.


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